Sunday, October 14, 2012

Buffetting : Born that way

After finishing the last 3 tests, not to mention the quizzes which popped out without me studying anything at all, I finally had the time to jot stuffs down here.

The past 2 weeks had been a real overdrive, with all the activities, assignment deadlines, student body duties and meetings come pounding on me. My weekends were like weekdays, but thank goodness today was a peaceful and easy one on me. I finally have some alone time to sort MOST of my things out, not all yet.

So back to the title, what is it all about anyway?

The university's loan application kicked in, and we were running around sending the application in.

So and so, Boey decided to pull out last minute because he claimed that he wouldn't be able to appeal for a higher amount from the loan sponsor.

The thing is that both our parents have had better income, so as the sponsors decide to loan us partially , only to pay for our tuition fees only, whereas our friends have gotten full loan. It's like RM9k to RM30K, a 3 times difference.

Boey being him, decided that Kuok's foundation would be a better loan to apply, because he'd decided that PTPTN wouldn't be approving his appeal for more amount.

So and so, he sniped at me and asked why would I need a loan, when I'm driving a new Insight, being a "super-rich people." If I'm super rich I'd be driving a Mercedes to university, or a Porche or Land Rover for that matter.

Yes, I've gotten a new car so what? It doesn't mean that I would just be like all the other youngsters out there wishing to depend solely on their parent's funds for my education.

I wish to be able to go through similar things people go through out there, paying for their loans, or even trying to strive for a First class honors to change the loan into a scholarship instead.

I was kind of furious when he posted :

"Lucky kid. Honda Insight Hybrid eh?" on my social network profile.

Look, it's not like I got it from a contest, or I've gotten it out of nowhere.

My family worked as hard, or even harder to earn income, or higher ones to sustain and improve our quality of life. I didn't inherit a large sum of heirloom and decide to spend on all kinds of luxury like my new car. The family went through serious discussions and several elimination and weighing before we've decided to put my name on this car. We weren't born into wealthy family background. Every sen, was earned with dignity and hardwork.

So what if my family have multiple cars? So what if my family seemed well-to-do? It doesn't stop us from working for what we should deserve. Plenty have stated that my family would be able to fund for my education abroad, whereby a million or so wouldn't be a problem.

But I worked hard and have gotten a place in the local university, for a good course I might add. It doesn't stop me work getting my goals my ways. I don't have to be the stereotyped "well-to-do-brat" like my cousin is while he isn't. I still get cheap Ts, I still take into account of every ringgit I could save doing groceries, I still eat by the hawker stalls. The point is, my family might be financially better off at some stages, but we are still down to earth.

Fine, he might be ranting out of frustration because his family's business is kinda in the midst of a crisis now. But telling me my family earns better as a middle man instead of being THE performer is downright infuriating.

Hello, I have to carry valves, pipes and fire extinguishers around and they are at least 10kg each. Imagine carrying 50 of them in a session. My mother have to be in the warehouse directing workers and drivers formulating routes sometimes carry stocks around, same goes to my sister and my dad. We work hard to gain those income, not by cheating people's money. That, I'm dead sure.

I've been labelled as the "rich" kid in my college as of now because of the multiple cars I've been bringing to the residential college. But guys, why would I be still staying in the college, be in a public university, and taking a load if I am THAT rich?


  1. Nothing wrong with being rich so don't bother justifying yourself to the envious folks.

    1. the thing is, I don't want to be "labelled" as the "rich" kid. I'm the normal ol' me, and what I'm given by the family is what we have worked hard. It's not like I act snobbishly and "dai siew ye" everywhere. In fact, I perform most of the labor work around the faculty.

      Seriously man.

  2. Why bother what others say about you? As long as you're happy doing what you want to do, so be it. =)

    1. Cause he posted it like in the social network which the whole world can see T.T And it's like as if I am doing stuffs which kids who are sons of ok-to-do families shouldn't be doing like borrowing a loan.

  3. You bother too much... lol~

    Go see more Paris Hilton... haha

    1. Got meh. Why ar? Cause she's too bimbo to care right? xD

    2. At time... Its rather smart not to care as much... lol~

    3. I guess it is! Sometimes bimbos are smart! Don't know la. I do care about how people look at me a lot, like seriously. It's a good source of self-reflection info, but at the same time, a lot of filtering required la.