Thursday, October 4, 2012

Buffetting : Feel Good Homones

The feeling of walking out of the examination hall like a boss, being the first to finish and all.

Yet, fear creeps in when you look through the notes, and there's like one or two bits you've forgotten to slot into the examination sheet.

However, the feeling before is indeed orgasmic.

Ethology wasn't that bad, was hoping for more sexual behavior questions, but only female sexual behaviors were being asked.

(Mares)Horses urinate in small amount;
(Cows)Cattle become restless, arches back to prepare to be mounted, bellows;
(Sows)Pigs become restless, stands for riding(standing heat) while pressure applied at the back, ear pricking;
(Ewes)Sheeps become restless, court rams, seeks out and walk about for rams, seclusion from flock

Female sheeps are so slutty right? Looking out for the rams themselves and all.

Wait, my zodiac sign's goat/sheep also.

Oh well, I supposed the male sexual behaviors are more "expressive":

Flehmen; showing of teeth and twitching of nose

Demonstration of strength via popping eyes, loud roars, showing off body parts(whatcha got from ye momma?)

Investigating of genitalia(frisky..)

Control of motion via pulling, pushing, cornering and slamming (oo, rough~)
Intromission, trial and error of sexual attempts.


I think the ones without pictures, you let your imaginations spread then.

Behold guys, a future veterinarian in the house, of course I should relate.

Heck, I was being related to be  expressing a heft amount of male sexual behavior of Control of Motion, because I love to push girls' shoulders from the side with mine =.=.

If you were guys I would have just smacked your chest.

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