Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Buffetting : Creamy Mashed Potatoes

So I'd promise the elder sis to make her some mashed potatoes some time ago, and thanks to all the busy errands and university documents, I've only managed to make some today.

The whole process was easy, and I've just used everything I get from CHOW.com


8 potatoes, with odd sizes. +/- 1.5kg
1 packet of cream, just the normal cooking ones, not the whipped one.
25g of butter, to let it have good aroma.
Salt to help disintegrate the potatoes while they are boiling
Pepper to taste.

Not much utensils used, just the boiler and strainer.

Okay, lets go~

1. Peel the pots, DUUH
2. Rinse them, to get rid of the starchy surface and easy grab during dicing.

3. Dice them up to about the same size, so that they boil at the same rate(chemistry 101!)
4. Heat up the diced bits to boil in the pot, and simmer them up to 25-30 minutes till the pots slides off upon knife slice.

5. Drain them, put them back in the heated pot.
6. Put on low heat to dry the pots, at the same time start mashing them.
*I have no potato masher nor ricer, so I had to use my faithful ol' wooden spoon*

7. Add in the butter. *this is when you smell corn in cup*
8. Slowly add in the cream once the potatoes are in pieces, then stir under the heat to allow the potatoes to absorb the cream.

9. Finally, add in pepper to taste. Once the whole texture becomes silky, turn off the heat and serve the MP in any dishes you like.

*Garnish if you want with basil, choves or some greens. I had no greens, so everything turned out to be, well, yellow*

Well, I'd to say my first attempt is great.

It better be, I watched the video for at least 2 times in order to get the procedures right. I'm totally the type of person who love proper procedures and predictable results.

Surprises? I hate them.

Well, I've got to learn if I ever wanna be a doc in action.


  1. Wow... looks delicious (since I'm puasa lol)

  2. @aziana: lol! so is it an insult or compliment?

  3. Ah.. cream! I knew I missed out something the last time I made mashed potatoes! Hmm.. Haha

  4. @vin: haha now you know! cream is like so important man! the texture totally shifts without cream!

  5. @tempus: Hehe A compliment la of course!