Monday, August 29, 2011

Buffetting : Another 5 Day Hiatus

Hitting Hong Kong tomorrow! Hopefully I don't kill myself there with all the good stuffs lounging around!

Just packed up 6 hours before I hit the airport *teehee* hopefully those Hongkies don't pop their eyes seeing me la!

PS: I've registered for another 10km run under Bank Simpanan Nasional's Putrajaya Night Run!


  1. Wah so nice~ Have fun there!
    I hope the tropical storm dont affect that area..

    P.S: So long I didnt take aeroplane...

  2. enjoy ur trip. ;)

    ps: PNR got limited medal no?

  3. @aziana: same, the typhoon hit taiwan, but hong kong was fine.

    @medie: nope, its unlimited