Sunday, August 7, 2011

Buffetting : Washing Machine Mojo

The whole house is practically falling apart right now.

First the leakage from the parent's room.

Then, the leakage from my room, not to mention flooding in the bathroom.

After that, the washing machine couldn't perform the "SPIN" function.

Geez I spent like half an hour trying to figure out which part of the machine went wrong only to find the lid wasn't detected.

Something came off the lid, but I'd really have no idea.

As handy man as my identity is portrayed in the house, the parents somehow expect me to know what went wrong.

Yet, they were pretty understanding this time when I told them, seriously I can't do anything.

In my small heart I whispered an excuse," I wasn't a washing machine graduate man, don't have expectations,"

Anyway, the nice old technician dude came over today and fixed it within 15 minutes.

It was some magnet detector thingy which fell off the lid when the new maid started to "vandalize" the machine.

I'm not certain if she'd really did that, but that piece never fell off till she came!

Anyway, just another boring day again, will update on some social thoughts soon.

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