Sunday, August 28, 2011

Buffetting : 20th Birthday

I told myself multiple times that not being to celebrate my 20th birthday overseas since the dawn of the thought to study there is truly pathetic.

As pathetic as I am now, well celebrating it in the home country is still certainly delightful.

The Queen's gang called and asked for a mini reunion cum birthday celebration, so I'd suggested Chilli's in Empire because of the huge ad they have opposite the mosque in SS15. So ganged away there!

Hanging out with a bunch of boonheads was certainly fun, because I am a boonhead too! It has been so long since we had the time to get around and spend some time together.
Dream nachos!!!!!

Back in Form 6 we practically see each other EVERYDAY, including Sats and Suns because of tuition. And being with them again, at least reminds me that I'm still alive, inside.

As for the family, we spent our afternoon in Daidomon of Great Eastern Mall.

I would say its promotion was a total rip off, and I didn't quite enjoy my time there.

Can you believe this is total of 14 servings????!!!!

What's worst, the director is too much of a stingy weasel he'd actually used himself as the model for the ads. He's so so looking, but still I see that as cheap.

The food was also so so, I think spending the same amount of rm40 per person in Rakuzen should do an even better job.

Overall, 20th birthday was just dainty, but celebrating with the gang and family was still something worthwhile.

So now for 20th birthday wish, 21st birthday overseas!


  1. I have the same wishes too!
    Want to celebrate my birthday overseas.
    But that's not gonna happen anytime soon. :)

  2. @aziana: there's a will, there's a way. find ways.

  3. @Tempus: It is almost the same as "easy said than done".
    Its not gonna happen anytime soon doesn't mean it won't happen at all *wink*

  4. happy belated birthday dude. ;)

  5. @aziana: you can always travel overseas on ur birthday to celebrate it there! solution done!

    @medie: thaanks man!