Sunday, December 19, 2010

Buffeting: Time

Did you have enough time to spare today?

Was the duration for the proposal at work enough, or did you need more time?

Time is of a concept, yet its still so abstract that probably no one has ever grasp on to it up till today.

Yes, we might be able to see it in our nude eyes in the form of watches, LCDs, and owh the ancient Greeks made the clock from the sun's shades.

Yet, has anyone ever been the Master of time?

Time has been discussed and portrayed in various prospective and angles in the media. Let's see how the scenario has been interpreted.

My personal favorite:

Kamen Rider Den-O.

Well, I have to admit the whole VFX thing appealed to me at first to watch this series. Yet, what made me thinking was how the whole series linked everything together to time. There was a time paradox and cliff-hangers here and there, making the audience to wonder even more about the series itself. The series Kamen Rider Den-O can be read from the link.

What amazed me about the concept of time in this franchise is the whole purpose of "protecting" time. You get the drill, some monsters attacking citizens and yadda yadda... But the weird thing was, the whole point of the fight was to protect the "Junction Point"(JP). In this case, the whole franchise has 3 Junction points, one related to another. The JPs mentioned in this series has a special ability to allow life-forms which travels through time to possess the JPs, namely the Imagins.

The first JP is obviously the main character,namely Nogami Ryoutarou. Well nothing much special about him other than the fact that he is the main protagonist killing all the monsters. Total of 5 Imagins has been constantly possessing him, and the picture attached shows all 6 of the different forms, including the original citizen look.

The 2nd JP known was the soon-to-be brother in law of the 1st JP, namely Sakurai Yuuto. The whole character was just misleading initially, but the whole picture became clearer as the series progresses. What fascinates me most is the splitting of the characters into 2 time lines, each comprehends one another. There was an adult version and teenager version of the same character, both with distinct personalities yet with the same goal, protecting time.

The consequence was, the lifting of the memories each time the younger self morphs.

Talking about lifting memories, another series which relates most to time is:


Anyone in my generation who doesn't know about this iconic cartoon character is bound to smack themselves to death into a wall.

I'll save the summary, you know how the impossible can be done by this robotic cat from the 22d century. I was really hoping the real thing can be materialized by our time, yet as what have been proposed by the series finale of Nobuo Sato, a time paradox occurred and what was suppose to happen did not manage to, and the whole time line shifted into a parallel reality.

I was really crying when I read the last scene of the comic. Even though the time paradox had occurred, the protagonist (Nobita) did not give and ironically became the top student in order to find a solution in regenerating the batteries of Doraemon, with the memories still intact.

The authors was really realistic in dealing with how the story should have progressed, in the sense that anything which could be resolved in the future was halted due to the enforcement of new time traveling law by the Time Patrol Troop, in which the time transcending policy is much more stricter, upon the system halting of Doraemon due to lack of battery energy.

To make matters worse, the pair of ears each Doraemon suppose to have which serves as the memories reservoir in Nobita's Doraremon was chewed up by a mouse( resulting in the musophobia of Doraemon) and replacing the battery will reset all of Doraemon's memories.

The choice was waiting for a competent robotic technician or plain battery replacement and memory reset.

You should know the choice, seeing how long the series has ran right?*picture credits to Dora's World.

I do like stories with time as the issue being discussed. The flashing back and flashing forward is just worth the time to venture into, as well as to relate them to other franchises. Although I didn't take Physics as my 3rd choice of sciences, I would love to branch into the division of the concept TIME in frontier science in the far future if I have had the chance.

So, did you have enough time to spend today?

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