Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Buffetting: Minding Your Own Business


The dilemma kicks in just like that, especially when your family runs a business.

The struggle between helping out with your friends, and helping the family business in the premise.

I've seen tonnes of people with family business. Generally, if you are somehow majoring or in fact taking a certain subject related to the whole system, you are in fact, already programed to be IN the system.

Deep down inside, there's a teenage boy burning with desire to flame through the odds and wants dearly to help out the friends at school.

Yet, reality bites and guilt flares even more. So, the best choice would most probably be helping out, as an office boy, in the office. No pun intended.

It's just the way how the mom conveyed on the stress and hard work required to sustain the current lifestyle, and being the eldest son in a typical Chinese family, I'm probably given the death sentence to help out in every single way in the family, be it house chores, electrical appliances, computer softwares, and back to the buzz.

The rant goes on and on, but by the end of the day, the logic kicks in.

Aiding the friends is voluntarily.

Aiding the family is compulsory.

After 1.5 years of devoting to the school, diverting back to the family seemed logical and sensible.

Of course, if the time is right and hours were abundant, lending a hand in charity works never harm.

Since family calls, there is no way one could say no, even more for me.

Kinda like dejavu. This sensation is exactly the same back in form 4, when the school teacher asked for help in the SPBT(Text Book Lending Scheme) room. The answer was no because of the family business again.

Well, I guess being able to have STUDY as an excuse have had its perks.

Nailing down Malaysia's toughest examination was no joke. I had to admit it was the toughest, tougher than A levels would have offered due to the overloading amount of knowledge required to be regurgitate in 3 hours' time.

The family understood my condition*heck they were the ones asking me to take the course* and allowed me to have all my time in preparing for the exam.

Little do they know that I took advantage of all the alone moments at home, *coughs* studying~

Well, at some point I need to time to de-stress and let loose, but the hours of scribbling Ch3C00H and Dy/Dx all over the papers were no joke.

There were migraines, screams, curses, and hell load more. Yet, it was satisfying to print down the correct answers and get a red tick after the hassle of hunting down the suitable formulas and knowledge application.

Good grief, I think those organic chemistry has now left my head for honeymoon before the interview hits back.

Did I mention that University of Hong Kong dropped an email for an interview.

Wasn't expecting much, but it is really exciting to be summoned for an interview form the no.1 university in Asia, though US is now in the list of countries abroad.

Guess preparations are needed to attend this interview. What kind of preparations?

Work out, reading up and maths practices. Hopefully everything goes well and an offer letter pops in real soon.

Yes, I'm lifeless.

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