Friday, March 12, 2010

Buffetting : A while Now

So, I guess my readers' rates have been declining, almost reaching the plateau near x-axis of the graph...

Anyway, sorry for the inconsistent updates, school was busy, at least for the past few months.

Finally wrapped up the first semester examinations.

Gosh thank goodness I did not pass out during maths... wonder if I can even get an A for it.

Can't believe I'm not expecting An A for maths, after mastering thy subject for the past 11 years of my schooling life.

Guess FORM 6 is NO joke.

Chemistry and Biology remained as the best spoil of the tests, as they come in easy and passed with a breeze.

PA, its still a miracle if I get An A, though I am really hoping for a 4 flat because I need all the good grades for the university application ,soon.

Pharmacy is one of the hardcore courses coveted by people around the world, surpassing engineering courses by miles.

So, if I really want to be on par, I've got some buckling up to do.

So, that sums up what I've been up to and the reasons I couldn't devote time to update this precious B_L_O_G.

PS: my love for chemistry is hauling by the day... geez i might end up surrounded by chemistry books in the future....

Next up, gossip.

The juiciest gossip around, in which including me fighting with my sister over this laptop now, is the Jack Neo sex scandal thingy.

One thing I never understand other men is,

Why even get married, when you know you will run wild and freaking fuck other women other than your wife out there some day?

1st of, you are cheating you wife, and hurting her big time. Imagine your wife had an affair. Don't tell me you are nice to enough to say, " As long as she still loves me, I'm okay," this is only for those who are naturally impotent, not for those who ask for fucks every night.

2ndly, you are being so dishonest to your feelings. Honestly speaking, personally I don't expect myself to get laid. I don't SEE myself being able to handle someone day and night, and not expect to get bored or try to get someone else to chat with, or live with. Sometimes, things get boring and we need to go VERSATILE ya know... I know its unfair to the mate, but if both party established a mutual understanding before, I don't see how this system can't work.

Yes, you will need to becareful with STDs, raging ex-es hunting you dicks down and bla-bla-bla...
Yet, bu the end of the day, you didn't affect the mate's life, much enough to devastate them.

3rdly, once you have kids, you are forever bound. People often think that kids are like the crystalisation of a pair's love, and it can catalyze relationships. Did anyone mentioned it catalyzes relationships to both heaven and chaos? A couple will have even more things to argue over when you have a baby in the house. Worse still, the innocent child gets the blame, pressure and all sorts of nonsense, because of the irrational acts of his parents.

So, Jack Neo, you are one hell of a reputable director and I respect your works. But you are NOT professional enough to differentiate the intimacy between a co-worker and a lover. It's a miracle that you have gone this far without being caught but, who knows whats gonna happen to you in a few years' time.

Although this scandal has proven Jack Neo's incapabilities of sorting out his relationships, his movies WERE fine, and the movies lately are getting quite funny, not in the good way I might add.

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