Thursday, March 25, 2010

Buffetting : Exploration

Just wondering if any of you readers had heard of AISEC. If you have not, do click here because it really provides plenty, especially for you youths.

You probably think that you might need to spend like 5 grands or more to participate in this programs, but honestly, its way more than that.

I've just attended an info session with Ms Nicole Teo,( same surname so automatically connected very easily~) in Taylor's Business School about this, and gosh it was a real eye-opener!

So practically we can choose 2 types of programs, one of it being the project-based and another one, company-based.

Since I'm only a pre-university student, I wouldn't be eligible for the company-based as they usually take in the students in their 2nd or 3rd year in their respective degree.

Take note degree pursuers, wanna stand a chance to take an internship in the top international companies like IBM or P&W? Nab your chances fast and perform well in you interviews because you will get a heck lot of experience you will treasure forever!

So back to project based, they usually want us youths to participate in society projects like Fund Raising Campaign, Awareness Campaign of child abuse or HIV, teaching students a particular language, environmental awareness and etc.

I applied for Japan, but too bad, the Japanese companies demand hardcore workers instead of youths to preach for HIV awareness instead.

Can't really blame them though, they need to pump harder for their productivity count, even more due to the insufficient funds lately.

So I was asked to choose another country, which I had no idea where because the only place I had ever dream of going to is Japan. But seeing China and Taiwan is the next closes country which have the same dialect like I do, I chose them.

Honestly I was real worried when I discussed this over dinner yesterday with my folks. And thank god they approved, asking me to go fur thee to the European countries instead.

Gosh... me? in the Europe countries? Hmm, I have never thought of it though... Maybe I should give it a try, just o experience cultures and see the differences of standards in both countries.. who knows I can bring a change in Malaysia and earn a title in the far future? haha just joking~

Well , its confirmed that I will take on the interview in July, because it will be a real good experience,and nothing will stop me. Even if I am out of funds, I will try my best to work for it.

Anyway, so much for the exploration talk. back to business.

Pheww... just sent my MEXT application letter earlier on. Was a relief. Hopefully I was asked to attend the written exam.

Meaning I really need to start studying like nobody's business and hunt down every single pass year paper if its the last thing I do.

Sometimes it just goes blank when you think of it, and you start to question the point of doing them... Was struggling to choose between life sciences or humanities... succumbed to natural sciences in the end because I can pursue humanities without a proper scholarship.

Well... need to stop playing the sims 3 and start to work on my maths now~

PS: The Sims 3 is real addicting! Can't wait for the expansion pack by pass to appear!

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