Saturday, March 13, 2010

Buffetting : Reminiscing

It was a great night and everyone really had fun.

Its all written on their faces, literally with all the smiles, smacks, jokes and even Andrina's random highness of sugar lately..

I'm sure my primary years were one of the best moments I had in my life, and those bonds made during the 6 years of schooling were infinite.

So strong that the remnants back then, are what made us this close and treasurable,

I have to admit, sometimes, I feel that my primary schoolmates are even more precious than my high school mates, which had went through storms and blazes literally for the past half decade.

Yes, those storms were harsh and tiring, and those who were there are who you call true friends.

But my primary schoolmates, we practically shared every moment in the school together.

The day when SHE came in and spurted us with her "IDIOTS!" words.

The moments when we tremble as the VIRUS turns up.

The days when we smacked each others back just to scare ourselves.

The days when one of us shake the other friend's head, literally because of its size.

The days when we stood strong together against the teacher.(not a good thing but she was really a BI*CH)

Those were the days, and those memories we shared, there were no secrets. Everyone knew exactly everything happened.

Unlike in the high school years, well all I can say is, I couldn't trust much people with matters, and I don't see the mutual trusts.

Yes, in the high school years, we can't be as naive as we were in primary school.

But, those trusts don't just dissipate over time.

Today's gathering was a proof that even being apart for years, we can still come as one and talk as though we have known each other forever.

And when I sat in the same table with my high school mates, sometimes I just don't even see how we were able to connect, apart from the very fact that we were from the same class, same school or same tuition.

There weren't any matters which are SIGNIFICANT enough to hold us together.

Maybe I wasn't giving enough trust to others, or I just don't feel trusted.

Contradicting I know, but this is how I exactly feel around my high school mates.

Wonder how, the batches I belonged to seemed to have real strong bonds , even after years.

I do hope one day, we get to attend each others' wedding, full moon dinner, son's wedding, son's full moon dinner and etc.... And when we sit down, we are still so happy we once met, and we have known each other forever...

It's just so rare to share these fond bonds.

I truly appreciate you, my friends from CKS, Graduates of 6C,2003

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