Sunday, January 6, 2013

Buffetting : Top and Bottom

It's not as inviting as the title have sounded so don't get too excited.

Les Miserable was okay, I've only enjoyed Anne Hathway's part because she so damn good and stunningly beautiful; while Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen totally rocked their parts as the funnily yet antagonistic duo.

The others were so so, and I felt so hard to Eponine for her unrequited love, so hard.

And back to top and bottom. Realized I totally just built my networking system from the 1st year to the 4th year of my course's guys. I've been to all the Chinese's rooms and houses, and have literally sat in at least more than cumulative of 5 hours to chat with them.

It's like, a very weird discovery because I'm pretty sure there's not a single person outside there who actually does what I do.

Sometimes, I barely know myself ya know? Even when it comes to the top and bottom.


  1. "to all the Chinese's rooms and houses"
    when i read this i think you ni macam wakil rakyat pulak,haha

    p/s:i had send you an email to zanyzephyr@live ,you can check it when you're free.

    1. Swt hahahaha I'm prolly the Chinese's wakil lah in some sense!

      It's like so weird when I'd realized cause normally people don't do that! But I'm there in those houses because I'd actually have something OFFICIAL to chat about!

  2. So you're top or bottom? ehem~