Thursday, January 3, 2013

Buffetting : Starting 2013

With our current curriculum, celebrating the new year with crazy outings for the next 5 years of my university life would spell disaster.

Cause its usually the finals or study week.

And I doubt I can be THAT prepared to lease myself off the curfew hours.

Finally got myself settled down to post after 4 hectic papers for the past 3 days. 2 more to go until I actually get into a lifeless mode again. With all the SRC work and Dogathon coming up, holiday only spells after my pseudo-DVM3 starts.

But it didn't stop me from planning my indulgence in a childhood obsession.

It only incur to me when I spoke to the lady in the shop selling the memory card.

I asked her opinion and she said she doesn't play games.

It's so weird when she's actually working in a shop selling games, running hacking programs to suit the customers' needs.

So what you are doing ain't necessary what you love?

Naah, that's not going to happen to me.

So the popular thing among bloggers at the early of the year, RESOLUTIONS!!!

I didn't manage to plot one last  year because of the finals and whole vet-med issue thing, but I can definitely slash off one huge ass resolution:


Personally I think that's a huge achievement by my standards.

Next up in 2013, I shall be aware of these:

1-Academics, Maintain 4.0 each sem if possible.
 Vet school is no joke, and I totally have lost the adrenaline in this finals. My libido for making out with the notes were much aggressive during test 1 and 2 while I totally had zero metaphorical erection for them in the finals. I will need to pick myself up in the upcoming semesters to keep a high standing A instead of border lines. Since there's no more university exams, there's no room for excuses. It's all hard core vet now.

2-Activities, Weigh out one of them.
 Definitely SRC. After getting the faculty's very own vending machine, I shall just sit by and not attend to pointless meetings in the main campus. Dogathon will be my sole focus, and I will die making it to be one of the best ones in history.

3-Health, reduce and maintain.
Standing infront of crowds require a certain degree of presentation to be convincing, while I totally need more muscles to deal with more animals from now on. Cattles, elephants and bears, I'm born for these. I will really need to be more stricter with my gym regime from now on. No last minute changes or excuses from next semester onwards. Reject any appointments clashing with my sessions.

4-Relationships, Open up more to the family.
Looking at one of the pictures I've taken reluctantly in Universal Studio Singapore has really made me disheartened and notice, Mom's really aging. The face she made in the picture cracked my heart so much that I can't help feeling guilty of what I've done so far. It's a fact that I do not like to attend to most of her seemingly irrational requests, but I to tend to her pain most of the time willingly or not. I should really start to listen to her more, and try to negotiate with her. This is when I need to really slow down my body processes before my mind can catch up.

As for romance, I'm pretty sure 2013 is not the year. With activities and academics in the picture, I really have no interest in making time for it now. Sorry Queen, but I want to make sure the upcoming 11 months are fully utilized so I have a good memory and reputation carved in the faculty. Maybe some outings and all, but definitely not dates.

By 2012, and bring it on 2013!


  1. Seems like it gonna one hell of fun. Can't wait to see next Dogathon =)

    U can achieve it. But before that, have some time off during the break, k :)

    1. I'm looking forward to have you as a volunteer in the upcoming one too! Just holler if you have the time!

      I wonder man. It's not going to be easy. And the break is going to be a roller coaster ride for now, cause I wish to get everything settle in that 5 weeks' time.

  2. maintain 4.0 each sem?wow your ponter sure is high and you need to maintain the erection during finals then:D

    1. yea i know right? time for aphrodisiacs! ya know where to get them? XD

    2. in this case each people have their own special

    3. Ugh, i have no idea where to get mine. Prolly one named

    4. ohhh later after you do that i'm imagining the laptop sangs deng ze ni huai lai.hahaha

    5. Nevermind, I shall lock em up in a safety deposit box in the bank~

  3. HAPPY NEW YEARRRRRRR = ) 2013 is gonna be a busy year for me too...ah growing old another year >.<

    1. happy new year tooo!!!!!! is it? oh well, we all grow old don't we? Who cares! I'm only start living my life on 30 weeee!!!

  4. Waaa! 4.0.. all the best.. and you definitely need luck. Because exam is a test of luck also. You'll know it in 2 more years time. haha

    1. Year 4 I know. Watching my roommates going nuts for their exams ain't easy.

      But of course I will only do my best. Plus, extra curriculum activities end by my pseudo year 3, and I have ample time getting to year 4 prepared in not 2 but 3 years time. Screwed up timeline so to speak.

      Yet, getting 4.0 when I am able to is important for now!

  5. Maybe slow down in 2013? Just saying :P

    1. I've already booked the whole 2013 up till October for work! I don't think I can slow down just yet! Maybe after Dogathon, then I will seriously tone down my university life and focus on my own self-enrichment.