Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Buffetting : Natural Selection

No, its not Darwin's Theory... It's more like sapiens' theory.

Finally, 2 papers are down, 2 more to go, and mid-term ends.

Surprisingly, I managed to stay composed and paced up at the same time to complete my maths paper. It was intimidating earlier because I wasn't able to interpret or understanding most of the questions, yet I managed to solve those which I was supposed to.

Anyway, the papers these 3 days were just delightful, minus the fact that my cgpa may not be that strong.

What about natural selection? Ranting about my past biology paper?

Nope, it's on selection of friends.

It's natural that human select "good-looking" friends on the 1st impression.

So why am I talking about this again? Must be the constant flow of good-looking chicks and hunks on the net lately.


It's about my close circle friends.

Lately, we have been, much drafted apart.

It's true. Today we are the closest friends,

Tomorrow, we are still best friends.

Next week, we are better friends.

Next month, we are good friends.

Next year, we are friends.

Next decade, we are acquaintances.

Next century, we no longer recognize each other.

And the cycle repeats everyday, for everyone.

Unless ur best friend sleeps beside every night, meaning your wife/husband/soul mate, that would make you remember em for a life time.

So, I guess I will just elaborate as much as I feel lately.

I'm not demanding for attention, nor care , nor meaningless postings via Facebook.

What I'm asking for is a little care, not for me, but for my other friend.

Spending time for the past half of 2010 to have surprises for so many of our friends, even in examination period and also the unlimited cashing out of turqious paper note.

So what he had done for the past few months was nothing.

His very own surprise, was NOTHING to us.


Yes, there were calls, smses or emails.

I didn't call him.

I didn't text him.

I didn't mail him via facebook.

I took action.

It's a lie to say that you don't have time.

It's a lie to say that you are busy over exams.

It's a lie to say that others are having exams.

So I have plenty of time?

So I don't have exams?

So WE don't have exams?

Our's are ten times harder by scale and you know it.

So having to join others' surprise forfeits the close circle's jubilee?

I resent that.

Nevertheless, its a good thing we managed to have a life outside of teenage hood.

We might still be in the same class, but we certainly made new circles of friends, and new comrades, who cared to cherish moments with us, and they were there to contribute.

As for you, I know from the earliest moment that, you excuses would be...

You know the answers.

Surprises and birthdays.

Since when it became something so dark and so important in our lives.

Maybe, it was never a part of our lives before...

Anyway, just some pictures to share for what my form 6 peeps managed to screw our beloved Dato Xtina Heng Chong(JIA) Wei.

post celebration girl shopping

Say no to kolam

classic gesture
Before war

And till today, I've finally understood that, I've finally lived beyond my high school lives.

Bravo Pre-U Seniors SS17. You guys make a great bunch of gengkawan.

I'm now reaching adulthood.

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