Saturday, May 1, 2010

Buffetting : Dejavus

Its midnight now, and I probably will suffocate myself with regrets for not completing any work tonight due to undivided attention towards Pokemon Heart Gold.

Anyway, its just a random thought I had lately which I'd really wanted to post up here.

It's about X again.

I know, bad timing but its not about X , X... Its more like about, someone who looks like X in my current school.

Let this person be F.

F has the same eyes like X did, I guess that was how I fell for X at the first place. Their eyes has the same sparkle.

Guess what, they somewhat share something in common.

Well, the only thing I know is F has the same sports talent like X had.

I don't know F like how I knew X. F just drops by every Tuesday when I'm off for duty and F just somehow pay to me most of the time.

It's just a less than 30 seconds moment, but the feeling of X just comes rubbing in like last year.

Yet, it wasn't THAT vigorous.

Guess blinding myself with studies can be real helpful.

Anyway, I had finally concluded my event involvement history in SS17 yesterday. From now on, its full system ahead for 4 Flat.

I wonder if I can stay away from the laptop until the final blow comes.

Yes, of course I can.

I will wrap up the Golden Friday Camp tomorrow, and then its bye bye to laptop, hello sea of delocalised books.

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