Monday, June 7, 2010

Buffetting : Escapade

Thats our queen~

2 weeks of exam sure was suffocating, not for me, but for our Queen.

Sadly, we have kinda named our gang the Queen's Brigade/Gang/Party in a very passive way, in which our Queen had agreed.

Anyway, like I said, 2 weeks of exam is now over, and 2 weeks of holidays came by knocking. Guess I've got to buckle up and start catching up on all subjects I've be slacking through the past 6 months, and also to melt of some annoying fats around my waist and god knows what other parts of my body I need to burn.

Hmm... somehow I just don't have much stuffs to blog about lately... Most probably its due to my busy schedule as a Form 6 student.

I think most of us(form 6 students) have became much tougher compared to when we've just graduated to from form 5, as SPM students. We took on Malaysia's toughest examination ever.

How many of the friends in our same age has taken this? 50%? no, 30%? probably less than 8%.

It's like a miracle that I actually had the determination and willingness to survive the subjects till today, without any of them falling into band near fail at all. To my surprise, I've actually managed to keep my subjects in the upper bands consistently.

Yet, the mid terms was truly a mind-shocker, in the sense that I'm reminded how unprepared am I till today. Yes, I've been slacking since the very existence of my laptop, along with continuous flow of drama from all over the world and genres. Strictly speaking, I've actually kept watching dramas related to medicine field.

They may be shallow and all, but they really have a massive effect on me determining which path I'm going to take after STPM at all.

Medicine, finance or something else...

Let the decision comes when STPM 2010 results pop out next february I guess.

So I've managed to take down 4 season of Grey's Anatomy, love their drama and attitude. The whole show just blends in real well and it actually gave me the idea of taking medicine in the States if I ever want to be a part of the life-saving task force.
It's just so funny how they manage to fix in their human lives and surgeon lives, in a way that these kinda stuffs don't actually happen as frequent as it is in tv compared to reality.

Next up would be 20th Century Boys~

Gosh the plot is just so well-constructed it really took my breath away for the trilogy.
Drama, thriller and momentarily humor, this trilogy is one movie worth watching, especially for Japan freak like, yours truly:

Ok, the picture really looked damn weird I know, but screw it.

Next drama coming in would be Team Batista 2:

Strictly speaking, I've decided to watch this because of Matsuzaka Tori. His portrayal of Shiken Red in Samurai Sentai Shinkenger was truly impressive.

Yet, what made me to carry on indulging in this drama was its fast pace, and medicine-field theme. Yup yup, medical officer/pharmacy/hospital CEO to be in the blog(block)~Lame i know..

OOOOOOO Did I mention about The Frozen Flower?

Okay this movie is a lil 18SX and it gave me a shock when I was watching it because of the explicit materials... Well, if you have the courtesy to fast forward it to skip those scenes, its up to you.

I would say this movie has just proved one thing, Love is a Cruel, Cruel thing.

Plenty may not be in sync of my opinion but seriously, this movie really put my statement into position.

Once again, for those who really want to watch this movie, you better prepare some Detol to wash your eyes after watching because of the material. I didn't know Korean movies were this open!

Underage fellas, c'mon people, I don't believe people nowadays care about 18Sx or 18pg or what ever censorship because of what we are constantly exposed to.

Last thing~

Kyoto University is now my primary goal~ Nothing can stop me now.

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