Sunday, May 16, 2010

Buffetting : As Life Continues

Heya. Even though I might be secluded in the sea of delocalised books for the next 2 weeks, I think I owe this blog a post before I decide to ignore it for 3 whole weeks due to the very existence of EXAM.

Anyway, news update.

The juniors are finally in the house, making the Pre-U SMKSS17 a whole again( with juniors and seniors.) The weird thing is, the same ol tradition continues, in which people tends to cast a high band on the competing school instead of their own. In this case, the school would be Seafield.( in case of those who doesn't know, Cfield is another school offering f6 course, but they are arrogant enough to accept schools from USJ only.)

Well, I have not done school transfers before, simply I do not need it. Studying is a self thing, not exactly a school thing. If you expect the school to give you everything at this stage of education, I guess you are going to be one of those to go for tuition even at university level.

And that was for the juniors.

As for the seniors, we went for a field trip, or more like a torture trip to Putrajaya for our Pengajian Am seminar. Honestly speaking, more of the topics brought up were in-school explained, meaning, there wasn't any worth discussing over. The topics were suppose to be taught in school, and the students are suppose to have those knowledge equipped to themselves even before we attend the talk.

The teachers might be disappointed in the lack of questions our school students have posted, but hey, if we have nothing to ask about, there wouldn't be any need at all to post them right? So that was that. Owh yea, we had to use our hands for lunch because the organizers were ignorant enough to not prepare enough utensils for us. Owh well. its just the system we live in anyway. Plus, I actually had fun using hands. It was kinda, nostalgic I guess, in the lack of term.

Another weird thing throughout the seminar, I've noticed, only GUYs smiled at me, and no girls did at all. The glitch was, all the guys smiled at me were Malays, and dang they were good-looking. I, of course returned them sincerely with the Binn's Signature Smile and live on with my day. Most of my friends thought it was awkward, but I guess I will just enjoy it in one corner of my heart~

Just had a conversation with my friend about another friend of mine doing his degree overseas.

It was just another different prospective of seeing the issue of studying overseas just after spending 3 months in Adelaide. He sounded, regretful. Of course people do say they weren't, which what I would have done simply because it was MY choice. So, I have no say to regret over it, nor any excuse to defend myself when people ask(in a Malaysia way) "Why choose the place at first leh?"

I've chosen Japan. I'm not really sure of what I would be facing, be it the hardship or stress. But one thing I would have known is, I am going to enjoy every last bit of my days over there. No matter how terrible the place is, Japan is the one of the best-technologically inclined country over the globe. Seriously, it can't be THAT bad , right?

As for my friend, I'd say give or take. It only has been 3 months. Even babies need 18 years before they grow into hot hunks or hot chicks. So, time is of an essence for a person to adapt to what kinda of circumstances they have been landed into. I didn't exactly like the life of a form 6 students at first, but over the semesters, I've still adapted to it. In fact, I love the life in form 6, minus the fact that I have constant heavy load of homework and nonsensical assignments which contributes nothing to my results. And yes, I took a year.

Well, like I said, life still continues. I'm in my Advance 2 Japanese course now. I now start to feel the pressure, and the urge for me to know more if I ever want to compete in Japan, as a biology student. I'm not sure if I am able to stuff the immense dosage of biological prefixes into the tiny brain of mine, but as for now, I need isolation so I can focus. I've actually planned to shower in school so I can concentrate better in the library after school. Lunch? I guess some green apples of honey-whipped yogurt will do.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, my internet went haywire and geez, google is being a bitch again.

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