Friday, April 16, 2010

Buffetting : For Knowledge

As promised from the last post, I'm suppose to talk about my "surgical" experience in my school's bio lab last week. Yeap, finally the dissection of mouse came.

I can't believe I remembered promising myself that I will not have to dissect a mouse in form 6, because its way overrated, even for a 19 years old boy. But some how, knowing that I need to dissect it, the memory just flashed back.

Anyway, the experience was okay, though I kinda missed out a few facts here and there, because I wasn't giving correct instructions to my "surgeon" that day, Luke. So he snapped a few important veins and arteries here and there.. but our teacher was nice enough to not penalize us. I've got to say, she knows her stuffs.

Anyway, the 3 period worth of experience was okay. I was damn tired on that day so practically everything just swooshed away just like that. Somehow, I think I will be a very impressive surgeon someday, ignoring the fact that my hand trembles a lot by just holding the scalpel for more than 1 minute.

Owh well... by the way, we managed to keep our mouse alive until we accidentally snapped its vein, so enjoy the video:

To sum things up, mid-term is coming way too fast that I can't even cope with my homework without staying up till 2 am on daily basis. Guess the pressure has finally come.

But, I still do appreciate this path I've chosen. I'm much more matured now. Which brings about, I might want to leave what ever groups I've joined.

Well, that's that, till next post.

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