Saturday, April 17, 2010

Buffetting : Departure

Sometimes you just have so much time to think and you literally forget the fact that you are still wide awake at 3.30 in the morning.

Many of my friends have left Malaysia in pursuit for their future.

Like them, I too do have my own dreams.

Mine was to fly all the way to Japan.

Some how, I just have this affinity towards that country.

I'm not the crazy die-hard fan of ANIME or DRAMA, aka Otaku(お宅). Otaku is actually derived from the original word itself, the actual meaning of "home". Since these people usually spend their time at home watching anime or drama, people give them these names just to summarise things up.

Enough with j-lessons.

And these thoughts came up.

If one day I were to leave the country, I will choose to leave in silence.

It's just the intuition I have, to leave that way.

Not that it is cool(at some point it's way too cool), but I just don't want or need anyone to be there.

It's not like anyone have been in most of my hard times, and it has become a natural thing that happens to me everyday.

Lately, I've been having thoughts about leaving the group I'm in all these while. It just seemed to be the right thing to do right now. No more obligations, no more stress, and well, no more friends.

In most quizzes, I answered friend as my most important thing in my life. And now, I've finally identify that, I don't live with friends.

I don't live with anyone. I live by me.

Well, thanks again blogspot for having a space for me to scribble.

Till next post then.

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