Friday, April 16, 2010

Buffetting : Appreciation

Just a little recap on my late achievements:
Finally done with my Japanese Advance One class, phew got a Grade A with 93/100. Long way more till I truly master the language, but I am having high hopes.

Got a golden medal for "Bullet Throwing", direct translation from BM's lontar peluru and a silver medal for the Marching event. Quite satisfied, though I wished I could set a higher record of at least 10 metres for the BT event, but too bad I slacked my gym training, I managed to take down the other contestants with 8.8 m only. Oh well.

The school is really trying their best to provide ample benefits for us, the Pre-Us, or in layman's term, Form 6ers. They will be holding camps, workshops and activities to boost our co-curicular marks and also preparation to face STPM.

Well, I can only be thankful to the school for putting their greatest effort in trying to help us out, and also the utmost recognition for our marching event lately.

well, that's all for this post.

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