Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Buffetting : 藕断丝连


After 5 months, I still do think so.

The emotional feelings toned down, same goes to attachment.

But constantly being able to reconnect, and personal messages across the social media still spells:


"Anything you draw, I will treasure it"--- T on my scribble of T on the postcard I sent from Sri Lanka.

I wouldn't keep my hopes high. Let's see how far this marathon takes.


  1. you are still young, and you have a very long way to go in life, so take your time to open your heart to someone, true love is hard to find, and it is certainly not a decision, because it is a beautiful feeling that comes from deep within...

    love is sweet when it is new, but it is sweeter when it is true, and above all, when you love someone, love them unconditionally, for God resides within unconditional love, and when you are truly in love, you will get a glimpse of heaven....

    take care and bless it be : )

    1. We'll see how it goes. T was the first, and definitely the most vivid one in my mind right now. Any chances of reconciliation will still be a green light for me.

      As for not a decision, well It's really depending on how you see it. Blind love will ultimately lead to oblivion so a certain degree of rationality should be in every relationship.

      But what I can is, T definitely caught me into the irrational part.

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