Thursday, October 9, 2014

Buffetting : Time Mismanagement

I'm pretty sure I screwed up 2 tests.

If I would get an A for pathology it would really be a miracle.

I guess I'm not that good after all.

Juggling social life, club life, academic life, family life and conference life; ain't that easy.

to more time for academic life.


  1. here's a short motivational quote for you to ponder upon,

    " I am my problem & also my solution "

    sometimes you have to remind yourself that you are a human, and you have your limits, everybody is born differently, some has the strength to endure a hectic lifestyle, while others don't, so don't compare yourself with others, why i am saying so ? because i recall reading somewhere on your blog, you had previously compared yourself with your classmates, course mates etc, hence, this is the reason why i am saying it, and you would probably even think that i wouldn't understand a university student's life, so just to let you know, once upon a time, i was almost like you in high school and university, and looking back at my past, i regret wasting the precious moments of my life in so many things that never gave me happiness, so just be yourself, the original you, know your limits and remember that time spent can never be regained back, and that youth isn't permanent, you are born to be real, not perfect...

    and always remember that you aren't a machine : )

    lastly, prioritizing and time management alone aren't sufficient enough, you need to ask yourself, things you do, do you have passion in it ? does it give you happiness ? if it doesn't, learn to let it go, and ease the burden your are carrying, besides you aren't Atlas to carry the whole world on your shoulder...

    take care and bless it be,


    1. I guess so? But its me on myself. I am my very own problem. Maybe I expect too much of myself, but that's how I keep myself at the top of my games. I ain't machine, but I do know I procrastinate a lot, so yea hahaha.

      Things I do, I guess I do? Well academics wise of course I do, but sometimes I would wanna keep myself busy with other lives too so I am not too dull with the studies. But, I think it is high time for me to get myself off the hook of responsibilities too.

      Thanks again for commenting! Its a LONG one!

    2. baru aku perasan, panjang giler, it's longer than your post, hahaha...

      but what to do, i share my thoughts based on my bitter sweet past, plus being a former language student, and an English teacher, susah giler nak komen sikit, when my fingers start to type, it's like never ending story !! :-D

      kesian you...orang tua macam saya memang cam tu,haha

      take care and bless it be :-)

    3. Well, I guess you have a lot to express in words?

      I can rant too, but hahah sometimes summary will have to do the trick.

      It's not a problem man, I've been told I don't type like I look hahaha