Saturday, September 20, 2014

Buffetting : T-revisited

So the random ex-stalking took place yesterday.

I was extremely vulnerable at that point, still thinking that we might still have a chance like in the shows.

After being illogical for 30 minutes, I've decide to spend 5 logical minutes to tell myself;

its not going to work. At least not right now.

So we might as well not think about it at all.

An excerpt from a TV show quoted:

感情上,谁认真就是输家--- in relationships, the one who is serious will always be the loser.

I wonder it applied to me. Or should it be games from now on?

On the other hand, I was telling why I am single till today when my parents decided to pay for my brother's girlfriend's family's dinner last night; because I don't need to spend my parent's money on someone else,yet.

While my mom uttered:

偷吃每人知。-- No one know if you were to have one in silence.

I guess it was a bulls eye.

At least it was.


  1. 我明白你的了解.

    1. 你明白了什么啊?说来听下下?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

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