Friday, September 12, 2014

Buffetting : Lucky Star

Looks like the table turned around since mid week.

1- Pharmacology lecturer seemed to like me a lot, with me being the first name she call every single lecture. And I like the subject. It's like chemistry all over.

2- Apparently the virology book was returned, and I'm no longer responsible for the lost book. Yay. Thanks random stranger. You could have passed the book back or responded on the vet fac group.

3- Mom somehow agreed to my practical plans, and I get to go to Japan twice next year. February for a conference about 5 days in Osaka and Kyoto; August for a month for lab rotations and visit to Tokyo, and hopefully Hokkaido.

Other subjects are still a little, new. Pathology 2 seemed to be quite dry, but the lecturer somehow managed to crack jokes intermittently.

The week seemed to be better towards the end. I guess its because Monday is packed with extremely lots of subjects.

To a better 2015, I need to work extra hard this semester so I can enjoy the next!

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