Friday, September 5, 2014

Buffetting : Capabilities revisited

Today is probably the last day I'm going to perform nanny duties for my ever growing 2 months old niece.

Yes, I have been busy with these duties for one whole day.

It ain't that hard, because the domestic helper at home knew how to handle babies.

But the niece ain't that hard to take care anyway. The basic baby needs are:

1- Food. As in milk. Every 2 hours. If she is crying every 2 hours its the milk
2- Diapers. Just flip through and if its either dung bomb or pee bomb, change it along with some good baby wipes
3- Sleep. If she cries excessively when you are cradling her, she wants to sleep. But her on the man-made cradle and she will just doze into dreamland
4- Talk. This girl doesn't like it to be too quiet. She wants people to talk to her, all the time. Entertain her until she starts yawning and you will have another peaceful 2 hours.

It can be tiring. Because the intervals are only 2 hours. It's similar to the night patrol in SEATRU of 1 hour intervals, but for a year, everyday? It can be taxing.

If you're asking if I were to be ready as a dad; physically and mentally no. Until I have the time to be up every 2 hours when I work from home yet earn bucks by the hour.

1 week of holiday to bond with her is just nice. The niece now recognizes me and the sister said she is beginning to talk to me, in verbal cues like "ergh, ngeh, hii hii".

I'm the type who is stern to the babies, ideology which my family didn't like. But the niece still listens to me so I guess its fine. I am good with babies after all.

Back to capability, the sister and I talked about my younger brother taking over my duties once I'm back in campus.

"You crazy ar? If I ask him to do work I will vomit blood. Might as well I ask you to do. Mom says so too."

I don't know if its a compliment, or its like they have to get me to do it since there's no one else.

I mean, the younger brother has to take over some day and learn. I can't be standing by 24/7 I need my life too.

But then again, does this revolves around my capabilities, or because I'm just a better handyman than my brother?

Will I miss my niece? Hmm, maybe not. I have the high tendency to move on quickly.


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