Thursday, September 12, 2013

Buffetting : Forever in Between

The middle child syndrome is soon going to be a middle person-forever syndrome.

My life revolving being stuck in between.

I was the middle child.
I was the middle person for various parties.
I'm now in the middle of two different batches of academic years.
I'm in the middle of balancing the life for friends, and for T.

With all the busy stuffs going, I'm pretty surprised I still do and can think about being stuck in the middle.

It was just lunch, and I could just see how I'm stranded in the middle, of nowhere. Lunch time after the meeting with the activity advisor, I would assume to have lunch with at least some of the friends.

But, well everyone had lunch bought for them, but me.

I can't blame them exactly, I just blame my life.

As strong as a Leo can be, with T being so far from here there is so much I can take alone.

I wonder if T remember, it has been a month.

PS: something happened this week have made me having thoughts of privatizing this piece of my mind. I'm still contemplating if its a good idea to do so at all. Or should I just leave it, since I'm losing myself anyway.

To another 3 more hectic weeks, and time to lose myself.


  1. Noooo why wanna private?? Like you see if it's private, nobody knows what ur going through and then no one can give you a nice piece of saying to cheer u up :)

    Dont so emo la~~ life can be frustrating at times, but then it is these kinda stuffs that will make you stronger as a person? xD

    Maybe try not being a middle person so much from now on? Eg: stop being so neutral towards everything @@?

    Ps: i wont push you anymore for the 'end of july-aug-sept' thingy since ur so busy :x!! Buzz me saje la when ur more free xD!!

    1. Haha I don't know. I mean, I started out being anonymous until the coursemates busted me and well, stuff happened. The fact that I have someone in my life now became viral because of these posts. I don't mind a few knowing, because I was going to tell them; but it spred like a wildfire. And well, I guess there's the "other than readers" part too. I do, still wish to be part of contributing party in the matters I dabble around.

      I guess it does? But I guess stress takes its toll, and T being so far sometimes can really only be so much of a comforting factor. Line-ing each other has been tough, but I keep on telling myself to work through this month till T ends the finals while I end Dogathon.

      Well, I feel like just step out instead of being involved these days ya know? Like I don't see the point to really devote for others but myself after these years.

      PS: Please be free on October because my Thursdays will be like ZERO class and Wednesdays are free after 12pm. So if you are free for visits, holler!

  2. Replies
    1. I'll see how it goes. I guess its the stress talk.