Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Buffetting : Flash

September seemed to pass by within snaps of fingers, and so much have happened within such a short amount of time.

The time passed by really fast as if it were short probably due to the fact that I was so busy for the past 2 and a half weeks.

It's the 3rd academic week and boy I'm pretty much worn out. The fact that I'm currently holding different position as well as various portfolios pretty much almost killed me.

Speaking of which, the largest event I've ever directed is coming up in just about 10 more days! Gosh I really hope everything goes just as planned and NO RAIN ON THAT DAY.

The weather has been a delight for the past 3 weeks, now just 2 more weeks and we will be A-okay!

Academics, Events, Responsibilities.

I feel like I am leaving out T quite a lot these days. I can barely stay up till 2am to wait for the good night wish; while T seemed to be just so busy with the finals in the day.
it must have been a flash for my parents.

Maybe its just a phase? Gosh I sure hope T doesn't feel neglected. Knowing T, T should be understanding enough with my complaints of meetings all the time.

Posts to be updated post Dogathon:
1- Course Night 2013
2- Professor's Concert
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6- Central Market Lantern Festival
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That's a lot.

Now, back to academics.


  1. Don't assume, let T feel the love :P

    1. Hmm, that's definitely not easy to manage. We did exchange hugs and kisses over the app... but well I'm just trying to be the understanding mate from my side to T doesn't feel suffocated in the midst of finals. Routine includes good night messages before we crash into beds though.

      LDR, is definitely not an easy thing to manage. Not like I've been to a short distance before.

  2. may you have an assistant(a p.a is better) or friends that can help you managed your meetings:D