Monday, March 11, 2013

Buffetting : Need over Want

It's like the season of love blooming in the faculty this semester. I mean like, everyone.

Fine, ALMOST everyone is getting into a relationship.

One told me before, its high time for me to get involved to.

Get a person, start something, and see if it last until the end.

And all the more reason to get that one person now, at my hardest times to go through it with me.

Seriously? Is this person I'm looking for right now a need or a want?

It sounded desperately like a need. Which I kinda resent being the reason I find that one person.

Or rather its because I'm being torn apart from my previous batch this semester due to the vast difference in our lecture schedules. It's pretty, lonely these days. Not that I wasn't before, but knowingly feel this situation makes the whole thing even worse.

I guess I'm a person who enjoys running away. As for now, working out would be the best way for me to wipe myself off these thoughts.

And no, I refuse to get involve. Not right now. It is going to make me a desperate one, which I'm certainly not.


  1. true though. What's the hassle of getting a partner ? Let's wait for it to knock on your door one day.

  2. Ditto that!! It's like we have to take down all the peer pressure and be logical; head over heart so to speak, hahaha. Let's wait then, not like another 21 years is a very long period to go!

  3. Getting a boyfriend is not like buying the latest smartphone

    1. Hah! you've got that right! Yea, it is, and I guess its everything around me spinning like a volcanic vortex, too hot for me to handle and processing them well right now. Geez I almost forgot my 30 yrs old celibacy oath. Guess the only thing to do now is wait ait?

  4. things are easy,its yes , or no. Stick to your choice and no regrets

  5. If you feel that it is a want and not a need now, it is obvious then that you are not in love. For someone who is in love, it is a need and not a want.

    So since you are not in love, then of course there is no point to force yourself into a relationship just because everyone else is in one.

    1. Hmm, it feels like a need over a want now though. But I guess I need to figure out those feelings, or rather just put them aside so I wouldn't be distracted.