Friday, January 6, 2012

Buffetting : New Year

Goodness I took like 1 week to freaking post on this thanks to exam.

With Biochemistry, TITAS and ethnic relationships down the course, 5 more subjects to go.

Vet or Med, still the question. However, since its finals, lets leave that to after finals.

Back to new year, though the family says I should stay, I'd figure I will enjoy more with my friends than a gang of badminton enthusiasts. They are nice people alright, but I'd prefer my own company whom I can blend well with.

The whole day was pretty much unplanned, cause it was study week, and exam was in a few days' time, and since the gang enjoyed "going-with-the-flow", we'd decided to just stick to random decisions.

However, dinner was planned. Polar bear decided that we should just hit to Chop and Steak( Chicken/lamb/Chops and Steaks, pretty uncreative though) around Beryl's factory in Serdang since the food there seemed okay, and price is affordable too.

I wanted to try out something new, and the name Chicken Golden-Blue sounded okay.

But when I found out later that the name's supposed to be Cordon Bleu instead. No ham around it, minimal and poorly distributed cheese filling, well I guess I was expected too much.

However, their fish and chip is a die for. And cheap too!

We spent the whole night talking about everything during the dinner.

How absurd vet students can get when it comes to food.

How we can argue we want lamb chop instead of mutton chop, as lamb is defined as meat from sheep of age less than a year.

How we can argue if the sirloin steak is the sirloin part of a cattle's carcass.

How a vet faculty can open up a high quality steakhouse with our knowledge.

How we might get banned from the steak house thanks to our nuisance.

How many possible pairs among DVM1s.

And how life would change for me if I were to continue with vet, or if I were to take up med.

After math

I do wish to still be part of this family. However, I did once consider if I stayed because of the company or the course? Or both? Never mind, lets leave that to post-finals headache.

Later on, we've decided to drop down Alamanda in Putrajaya for a round of BASKIN ROBBINS~

Since its 31st with 31%, adding on the pressure we have had from finals and raging hormones, off we hit to the lands of Wantans.
Polar and Gummi bear!

After pondering of about 15 minutes, we've decided to go with 1/2 gallon, as there' 7 of us. And it was absolutely heavenly! As childish as I sound, I prefer Baskin Robbins over Haagen Dazz any day. Maybe because of BR's taste of HG's texture. Oh the Rum Berry days~

Vets being vets and us being us, we did all sorts of nonsense with everything we have.

Pictures, mixology with ice cream, screaming at each other, the night was totally indescribable. So let the pictures talk then:

Self portrait with the 1/2 gallon, plus Sister beside me

Snap snap~

Mint won the champion favorite, then mango slush, raspberry cheese and Choc Fudge

Apparently, my attention seeking inclination exist everywhere, even in vast public.

Remember those dry ice given by BR when you bought in bulk? I was so overwhelmed when I got my hands on it(Jakun being jakun), I've decided to dump it into Gummi bear's bottle.

Of course it seemed beautiful, like the effects used in TV. However, my smarts failed me when I closed the lid of the bottle, causing an influx of pressure, hence the bursting of the cap.

The whole food court was staring at us and I was like "Damn!" Thank goodness security didn't come since it was a Wantan land.

The night didn't end here, when we've decided to ditch the jammed Putrajaya and spent our Eve's night on top of the balcony of Medical Faculty beside our college.

Enjoying the night view in FPSK was truly a great experience. We used to watch those students in Japanese drama running up to the top floor watching the whole world from the veranda.

Now we get to see almost ALL of UPM, including all of Kuala Lumpur.

Twin towers and KL tower was clearly seen.

When the clock stroke 12, we managed to see 5 simultaneous Fireworks from several different corners. That sight, was amazing.

Beats watching fireworks from Sunway Pyramid. At least we have no psycho crowded spraying random white foams over us.

What's to end a day without a good shot?

The new year began with a bunch of my close friends. Some curtains were closed, some remained opened and some are still in the middle.

Resolution of new year seemed be hard, as I'm still quite uncertain of my future career decision, even till now. Medicine seemed to be still something I wish to do, but with the current issues it might not be a good career. Veterinary science may not be as prestigious as medicine, but it can surely bring me real far, to places where I wished I can be.

As for now, here's the temporary list:

1- Get fit! Goes the flabs! 2012 is serious work out year! Target waist length= 32-3!
2- Get phone! The phone is failing me, if I ever get to go Japan, then its a totally different story.
3- Get going! Go to more places! Travel if possible, physically and spiritually. More retreats!
4- Get jazzy! Pick up sax after 6 months of buying it! No more excuses!
5- Get cash! Get a tuition or some income generator to pay for my luxurious needs including gym membership and sax classes!
6- Get nerdy! No more last minute studies but consistent works!
7- Get N1! Hopefully I pass my JLPT N2, and my N1 can proceed by December
8- Get involved! May not start a strong relationship, but try to know as more so I would be prepared when it comes

And the main one, Get serious. Seriously, decide soon. It anyone would be suffering its me because I can't decide.

All and all, Auf Wiedelsehn!


  1. It's finals already? oh boy that's fasssst! i thought the last i read was that you were just entering vet school! LOL! time flies.

    anwyays, put the decision aside first, and concentrate on the finals. staying or going, it's always impressive to have a good score. ;) though i'd prolly be panicking and restless if i were in your shoes.

    Thank God no more for now.

  2. @medie: haha yea i know right? I was like shit 4 months fly damn farking fast.

    I have 3 more papers for now, so I will think about it after my last one.

    Hey, seriously we need to msn man. Medicine or not, you know the drill

  3. you looked nicely settled with your bunch of friends.

    for someone with inclination to languages & attention seeking, vet seems like an odd choice. you can't speak german to animals(unless it's a german shepherd, ha ha!) & don't expect a bunch of puppies to give you an applause after you've cured them of worms!

  4. @doc: yea. they are one of the strong reasons i'd wish to stay. going private meaning to meet all the snobbiest bitches of the world.

    exactly, i have no idea why i'd sticked to sciences when I'm obviously someone who loved social sciences! Of course I don't expect them to do that! Even humans just say yea of course you should save me, I pay you by TAX! So i'm done with the applauding part.

    Still pondering, I was supposed to make a whole layout on what I wish to do, but failed cause yesterday night was high-night. Post exam disorders. In fact, I'd actually loved agricultural studies too! Oh my goodness how many things I can like in a life time man?

  5. I bet ur resolution number 6 has never really succeeded since forever? :P

  6. @alex: haha as a matter of fact I'm a last minute person!

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