Sunday, January 22, 2012

Buffetting : CNY Craze

I would say I have the weirdest and most obnoxious mom ever.

It's like EVERYONE told her its going to be a rush and tight schedule around with the renovation, furniture and all shits with CNY around the corner,


Stubborn. I guess I know where I got that from.


The CNY 2012 doesn't feel like one, and I did look forward to it, ONE BIT.

The screwed up family.
The messed up education.
The fucked up ideologies.

All of it.

Now my lineage means nothing to me, as if I'm immune to the fact that family matters anymore.

As heartless as I've sounded, I just do not have the breath to keep on to this anymore.

Time to face the facts.

Buddha: Just travel alone if you have to. It's better off without friends rather to have foolish friends.

And I take friends as families too.

Screw this shit.

Happy CNY, well I'll be if I ever fix this messed up scenario.


  1. @savante: a lot happened.hey savante! you are a doc right? mind if I add you on msn or some email so we can talk about doctors and stuffs? i'd really need a lot of information right now.