Monday, June 14, 2010

Buffetting : It's Official

That I'm not going to Japan anytime soon in my life. The JIS rejected my application, most probably due to the poorly presented answer sheets last 2 weeks. Another disappointment of the year but I think I'm used to that.

So, not Japan, next would be UK, Australia and geez I did thought of Taiwan before hand. Maybe I'm just longing to get the heck out of Malaysia so hard that anywhere else seemed to be like xanadu to me.

Back to official.. UCAS seemed to be a big project for me this holiday.. wonder if I'm ever going to complete my personal statements and references in this 6 days' time. Imperial, Oxford, University College of London, well like they say, you wanna aim go for the top~

Well, luckily STPM is accepted worldwide, for now. I don't have MUCH ECA for now, hopefully my form 5 days can actually help me out with it. It's kind of a disadvantage to me, seeing how ECA is coveted in the eyes of the European universities. Taiwan seemed to be hard too, but what bothers is the fact that medicine is still, a post-graduate course.. *Beeeeeeeep*

No use crying over spilled milk, I guess I can only nab these places provided I continue buckling myself up for STPM.

Yea i know, what about Kyoto University? Ironically the dream of going there has been shattered, for the time being as JIS have rejected me. Yet, I have my masters to complete in a few years' time and I don't want to waste anymore energy in succumbing myself into more stress and sea of constricting text-books along with the continuous dosage of scientific terminologies. Long huh?

And so went to IDP after having dim sum with the Queen yesterday, only to found out that STPM is actually the most favored, or most prioritized foreign qualification in Australian National University!!!! I know, OMG right?

UK A lvls was 2nd, putting STPM on top of it! So taking the hardest exam in Malaysia does haas it perks~ X.X

UK, USA, Australia, Taiwan, Japan. Random I know.. But its just so funny that these countries just allow me to fit in just nice. Malaysia? Nah, even after I graduate Malaysia wouldn't need my knowledge and capabilities unless they start to do something about the country's development and education system.

So before I dream,once again earth to Z, STPM comes first before you fantasize about Aussie or UK. Most probably going to Aussie due to the lower currency rate plus wider opportunities. ANU seemed to be a good choice seeing its ranking among the other universities... UOSydney seemed to be real tempting too, but it may not be the best place. UOMelbourne? Nah, everyone in Malaysia is going there now, you can practically see a Malaysian just off the corner around the university.

Geeez, I'm really stepping into adulthood now ain't I?

Till next post then~

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