Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Buffetting : Times

It was until last week that I thought I couldn't be anymore closer with my friends.

True enough I had my issues, and being the hard-headed and fun-killer one in our gang, I practically stormed everyone with my constant "PMSes"-Teenage boy version throughout the whole trip.

I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me.

It's like I don't know how to have fun, or rather to have fun with my friends.

Maybe I have actually accepted the fact that, I'm not designed, or destined to have real good friends beside me to have fun.

I can swear, I barely talked to anyone about anything individually, nor speak about our problems and issue.

Most of the time in the trip, I would just sit alone by the passenger's sit, end of the boat, end of the cable car and just, enjoy the trip as if I know none of my friends at all.

Well, I did join the bed talk, sea-talk(derive from bed, just we do it in the sea, pretty cool huh?),water polo and other funny activities we've created out the blues.

Yet, I still can feel the loneliness in one corner of my heart, as we went there in 9, its only natural for a person to be left out without a partner.

Well guess what, I am the one most of the time.

Maybe I should just leave the group, since we had 11 originally, and 10 would have turned out to be an even number, and well, its better for the whole group instead.

What am I talking about, it's as if I'm writing a memoir instead of telling how fun Langkawi was.

Sorry readers, I think I have issues , big time issues.

You are here to know, read and share them with me, and here I thank you.

Nevertheless, Langkawi is truly a paradise, for retirees to relax, for youngsters to explore, for working groups to splurge(on chocs and liquor) and even for kids to just swim in the ocean of swimming pool.

I had fun, seriously. It's just that I had the fun most of the time, ALONE.

Fine I promise I'll blog about Langkawi in details for next 3 posts... though I haven't update constant lately

Zany Zephyr

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