Thursday, July 30, 2009

LS, Honours

There are several types of honours in our current society.

One of them would be the certificate, ie, Bachelor in (Subject) Hons.

Another of would be the honours that the government present to a person after he or she did something great for the society or world.

The last one would be, the honours which people give to you, invisiblely from how the speak and talk to you.

The honours I had received recently, was the last one.

Unexpectedly, the teacher s in SS17 was overly-observant.

Honour to do what?

To be the head prefect.(or someone with some position)

This time, I did not work for it.

But my friends did.

The whole bunch of people who are in probates now are working their ass off, and here i am given the opportunity.

It would be so unfair, to all of them.

But one thing i have learnt from past experience is, nothing was ever fair.

It depends on luck and your environment.

In this case, I'm quite lucky and unlucky the same time.

If I hadn't been through A levels, there is a high chances I would say yes.

But now I'm in pure confusion of 50-50.

I know I shouldn't take this. I have 5 subjects to cope with, not to mention an Advance japanese class to attend, excluding my busy life with my family and last bu not least my personal development period.

Here comes the transition period again.

I'm flattered and honoured to be selected by the teachers. I wanted to reject, but its just the psychological thing in me keep telling me not to reject.

It is such honour and rare ocassion that people look up to you and select you.From where I know my teachers last year didn't favoured me much, most probably I looked dumb and clumsy when I was a real buffalo.

I know you readers must be thinking that I'm just beating around the bush, and keep praising myself but hey, I'm really cracking my head off this issue.

Its no joke. Seriously.

If i reject, what are the teachers would think of me. And would I regret later on?

If I accept, how would the probates think of me? I didn't even go through a single course of training in SS17 yet.

A really painful dilema.

I'm just trying to consider all the outcome for now.

What is the best for me?

To go through a pilgrimage again in the board,

Or to lead a normal life, and get into an interesting university again?

I'm not hoping on public university, its just that I don't like to let people down.

gosh, I can't satisfy everyone, why can't I understand this very fact?

Bin bin bon bon


  1. Personally, Binn, I'd suggest you go with your heart, because you know yourself the best.

    I don't think the teachers will think anything if you reject the offer, but you might regret it few months down the line.

    Sigh. This world is like that. You can only satisfy some people, not all. =|

  2. the world hv nvr been fair.... but one thing u mus learn is take all the oppurtunities u can grasp doesnt comes often bcoz regretting sumthing about it a little on later is jus a waste of time

  3. ciana:thxfor the advice, will think it through properly.

    dave:well i've regretted most of the decision made lately, this whole year has been a series of test. I wonder if I can really take this chance and walk through it...thx for dropping an advice any way. miss having you around as the wise guy~

  4. watever opportunity that knocks doesn't means it's one. with it comes responsibility. can u? more work. will u? regreting it later is only for a moment. taking it will be longer. think twice. balance ur sheet. :P

  5. kspress: very true koala... i will think it thoroughly in this few more hours before i give my teacher an answer. thx loads!