Tuesday, July 14, 2009

LS, Flu rage

Lately the weather has really been a killer around Subang Jaya.

The haze, the heat and the hath of my classmates.

Things ain't going good around me nowadays.

There is always an unlucky thing called flu in the world and it just hit me today.

Chilling the grilling, i'm not infected with swine flu. Jia wei was hoping one of us in school get it so we can have at least a week of school off, but I'm not giving in, not yet.

Ditched school, and end up staying in the bed till 10 o clock in the morning.

Sleeping do allow your body to adjust itself back to gear 5. So sleep more.

Anyway, the rage doesn't end there.

Another rage called school transfer hit me.


The kiasuness of Chinese society. And sad to speak, I'm one of the chinese.

It all came by when my friend's mom who happens to be my mom's friend in the badminton court. and the "owh my son is in Samad doing 5 subjects after he left SS17 for it. What about your son?" kicked in, and I end up hearing, "Eh, since people do so, why don't you go for it too? Since you know someone there now."

If you want a son like that so much, why don't you take my friend as your son instead.

Sometimes people just contradict.

It was just an ordinary dinner while we were discussing about squash and badminton again. I know girls same age as my younger sister who can hurl much more powerful smash than she does in squash.

And there my parents go," Everyone is different!"

And when I said so, they went," You never know if you never try!"

Hello? Binn to EARTH!!!

I'm different too!!! I know I hated physics. Why even bother asking me to try when I HATE the subject?!

Maybe its me being me again.

Allowing people to tell me what to do.

And me not being able to tell myself what i really want.

Hate me hate me hate me.

Well, honestly I don't mind giving it a try. But I'm just worried if I could handle it or not. I'm no superman or Dexter the genius.

I'm just Binn who enjoy life and hanging out with friends.

I don't do Challenge the Limits.

I'm good in my own ways.

But the thing is I don't have the courage to tell.

That is why I'm here.

Great. Back to square one.

I have had enought advices by now. Which to take , I have no idea yet.

I've chosen the hard way.Now I have to take the EVEN harder way?

One day you seen Binn go "kuku"( meaning crazy in BM) in the streets, please just get someone to kill me on the spot. don't bother sending me to Tanjung Rambutan.

Bin bin bon bon,


  1. Oh, my, Binn, it seems that you're not happy. Sounds like your parents are bias towards your sister. (Um, that's just the impression I'm getting from the post.)

    Well, it is true. Everywhere is hazy now. Even my place as well. I'm down with sore throat, but thank God I'm not down with the flu. So far so good. =)

    Oh, it seems that the haze is from Indonesia. Idk. An article about it was published in the Star days ago.

    Either way, I hope that you'll recover from your flu. Asap, that is. =)

  2. so you transferred to another school after taylor's? taking 5 subjects in STPM?

    The weather here is fine, but WTF!!! some idiot in school burn sampah every 12 oclock afternoon, and my classroom is near the burning site!!

    Get well soon.

  3. ciana:still sniffing when im typing this...and yea indonesia should have a better way of handling their forests... thanks for worrying.

    delusion: yea something like that... taylor is burning stuffs??? that is sooo weird!!!

  4. No,not Taylor's. I've returned to Alor Star for form 6. >.<

  5. owh seriously? owh well if it really suit you well i don't see the problem... maybe we can meet each other again someday ~~`