Friday, July 29, 2016

Auscultating : Finally Sax

I've finally sat down, made a call, decided that it's high time for me to take saxophone classes seriously.

Albeit stepping into final year, I'd figure saxophone classes would give myself some me time, away from the faculty, classes and hell ya drama before I step into the crude working world.

That aside, it has been my dream to learn about the ever mind boggling music notes so that I would be music literate at least.

Of course I don't see myself making a name out of the jazz biz, but I do see myself hanging out in jazz bistro with the vest and bow tie one day, jazzing my way out into meeting someone maybe.

Because apps haven't been of real use to meet people, and they are usually taken.

It's alright, I'd figure I'm probably not the app user type; saxophone or a new hobby puts me out there to meet more new people, hopefully.

Wow, its gonna be August already. Wasn't it like yesterday when 2016 just knocked? Here comes 2017, and hell yes graduation.

Probably would be a good idea to set targets before I get astray by the end of the year.

Till the next post on the graduation trip!


  1. it's good to know that you got to find some time for your own interest. It's better to start it as soon as possible before, as you said, start working. I met a stranger in apps, he is a vet-doctor as well, he said he work 7 days a week. Poor him.

    1. Lol stranger? I wonder how he looked like haha. It depends on your work place for the working hours. My university hospital spares us our weekends except for shifts so I guess it would be still okay a year from now haha