Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Auscultating : Malacca

Finals ended with me knowing my grades for 2 important medicine subjects; good to know that I managed to ace them. Let's hope my CGPA remains in dean's list so I wouldn't die trying to pull the grades up next semester.

Marching into the final year in the vet school ain't no joke; as we will be required to present 2 clinical conference cases in the final 2 semesters within one slot among the 14 Fridays of each semesters.

Being me, I got in touch with one of the consultants so that I get to tag along while she have appointments on cardiac patients.

Coincidentally,(trust me I did not know) she was the academician in charge of 4 Thai exchange students and one pretty damn good looking clinician from Khon Khaen University; and I was asked if I were free to bring them around to places they have YET to go.

My list was:
2- KL Bird park
3- Petaling Street
4- Putrajaya
5- Merdeka Field.

But they all have been there. I literally ORZ-ed

Then I came up with another list:
1- Sekinchan
2- Tanjung Sepat
3- Pulau Ketam
4- Kuala Selangor
5- Malacca

Lo and behold, the last one of the list became their choice.

Well, I would if I were a tourist. The only qualm I had as the driver is the traffic.

Luckily, luck was on my side, I had a smooth traffic with 1.5 hours drive through and fro, each of course.

Malacca itself is a sigh seeing place, but its really much more fun if someone knew the history to explain. I had literally little to no time to get my facts right; while I've only managed to time their itinerary like 5 hours before I fetch the next day, so I just went there without any historical knowledge of each attraction.

Our first stop was A'Famosa, also known as Porte De Santiago. Well, the sun was blazing I almost died in the heat; but we had a great picture and climb up the port to the next stop; St Paul Church.

Spent  a little time exploring the ruins, taking pictures and noticing the lost of the St Paul's right hand; probably due to the war, it's a good place to hang out for picnic I would say. Either way, to me its better for historical enthusiasts compared to me.

Came to the Dutch Square and decided not to go into Stadhuy's museums simply because there ain't value for them. Walked around and rested from the walking, took pictures, and yea. Taking pictures is what we all did. But what else can we do right?

and yea, my arm length selfie is a must.

St Francis Xavier Church was apparently in their list, but I'd figure it's more like a touch and go because they had Sunday masses. It was beautifully constructed and apparently a Japanese enthusiast brought the first priest into Malacca and founded the establishment. Cool history. 

I enjoyed this part of the day most; and it was a good thing they brought this up. We went for a gallery tour on the Chen family's Baba and Nyonya Heritage Museum; where they offer a good nyonya tour guide to show us various cultural legacies available in the museum. From the altars, the architecture, the sewings and even a 1956 version of CCTV; I think the price of RM16 for a good tour to relate and know about the peranakan heritage is worth every sens. I personally feel that this was enjoyable because I could relate a lot, especially from a Hokkien background.

Heck, I even eat with hands when my grandma is around. I somewhat felt I had peranakan background because of my grandma as well; but who knows right? 

PS: I'm also 1/8th portuguese, which explains the size and height.

Spent the lunch in Jonker 88, the Thais loved the Asam and Lemak Laksa. Breakfast in Hoe Kee, was pretty disappointing for me.

Since we've managed to cover all their listed places,(there were more but not worth mentioning haha) we've decided to hit Menara Taming Sari, named after the legendary keris owned by Hang Tuah. It's a tower similar to the Solero shot machine, just that it ascends and descends much slower with a possible 360 view of the Malacca Straits. The view was fascinating, and RM15 for Malaysians is definitely worth going up. I wasn't too keen to begin with, but after the ride it was pretty impressive. The pictures you can take through the glass walls are breathtaking.

Our last stop of the day was Sam Poh Keng Temple, or Tua Pek Kong Temple. Only me and the clinician paid our respect because of our Chinese heritage. It was like other temples as well, just a little history on how Hang Li Poh was related to this temple due to the Sultan's love for her.

With everyone's legs screaming after the whole day walking under the scorching sun, I got everyone to the Capitol Satay so that we can start waiting before the line gets crazy. Good thing that we got there about 20 minutes before the line went berserkishly long, while we too only have waited 20 minutes only before we got our seats. It was a good experience, the satay broth was freakishly good with the combination of peanuts and spice; when it was piping hot some how everything went 10x better. I'm glad the Thais enjoyed it, and they were really just doing it because it wad fun doing it, not because they really wanted to have it for dinner.

So where did we have our dinner? Same ol' Bak Kut Teh in Serdang near the Wisma Boston. Surprisingly everything was good tonight because I'd swear I have worse servings here before. The soup base was sweet while the pork vinegar just killed me from inside. Their dry BKT wasn't my favorite, but the Thais thoroughly enjoyed it.

Before we called it a night, we went for our virgin arcade dance off in the Mines. It's very fun when you have something in common to go crazy with, especially with foreigners. 

It was a great outing, I was just glad that my lecturer asked me for the favor while I too enjoyed it all the way.

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