Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Auscultating : Vet Sport 2016

I was literally too busy to be bothered about posting for the past 2 months, but I'm just gld I cna make one entry today.

So Vet Sport in the final year! Not exactly the last one for me, but it was the last one with my favorite batch of vet students.

This year, I've finally make my way into sports other than Basketball; because everyone else was too busy with rotations in the hospital wards.

Participating in the Footsal and Bola Baling events was quite a rewarding experience. Everyone was happy for me to be the goal keeper for both games, simply because I have the longest limbs and highest surface area in the batch. Being said, I'm proud to keep our record at only losing to 2 batches; when we were looking at losing all.

Had a lot of fun sweating and playing with my ex-roommate as well, not to forget the enthusiasm and teamwork we had within our batchmates for the great games we had.

Fast forward to another weekend, Basketball totally thrashed my body. I had to play for 2 batches, DVM 2016 and 17 because both batches didn't have enough players. Well, I'm not exactly the best asset among both teams; I was needed to fill in the blanks as well as being the tanker to knock down opponents. Nevertheless, the games were good.

Think Basketball was the end of that weekend? Apparently not. The organizers have decided to put 2 of the most energy draining sports in one day; making only 3 hours for us to recuperate from the damage done in the morning. 

Tug-o-war have been DVM2016's favorite sport simply because we KNOW we can win. It's like OUR game, despite it being brute force with minimal strategy or skill requirement. Saying that, it was as expected that we won with a breeze. It took us probably an average of 2 minutes *I think* to take down all other DVMs. Some suggested that the juniors were giving way to seniors, but I'm sure our weight and strength weren't to be underestimated. Well, we got first place, at least for this sport.

On the finale of Vet Sport 2016, I took part also in the last Cheerleading performance in the faculty. We literally aimed for the 1st place for this event as well; because we know its OUR event. We had the best choreographer, best music, best dance moves and well, the best enthusiasm. One of the lecturer too said that he was glad he made it because our performance literally cheer people up. 
I am proud to be in this team because everyone put in effort despite being busy in rotation; our choreographer had to come in every night to guide us after 12 hours in the wards, just to keep us pushed and motivated. 

Well, Vet Sport has always been the platform to pull people closer, between batches as well as within batches. For this last vet sport, we definitely have seen more than stronger bonds than we ever had before; and I'm really glad I was there throughout the 1 month long event.

Next up, Majlis Silaturahim 2016!

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