Thursday, March 31, 2016

Auscultating: Vet Dinner 2016

Supposedly my last Vet Dinner but since I'm going to graduate a year later; it's the last one with my favorite batch.

As per usual, the theme comes in for Vet Dinner every year; while 2016 we collectively voted "Be Your Self".

Well me being me, guess what I've decided to pull off?

One of my lecturer who came back from Japan said she wanted to pull off her Yukata as well, but it was a little show off so she didn't. Guess who is the crazier attention seeker? *point at me*

The dinner over the 5 years were fun, and I missed out the one in 2015 simply because "Pastel" wasn't my cup of tea to dwell in for dressing up. 

Let's have a recap on the previous Vet Dinners should we?


Young and naive, boy I missed my body when I was at this age. The theme was Masquerade. But, I honestly couldn't feel the whole theme simply because the ballroom dancing didn't happen.


Finally it became my batch's turn to host the Vet Dinner 2013 with the theme of "Atlantis". It was supposed to be "Poseidon's Paradise" until some religious twarp said that we are worshiping another god. Well, the dinner turned out to be fine anyway, even had me performing on stage. 


It was my current batch's turn to host instead, with the theme of  Retro 80's dinner. Finally sometime for me to chill down and not do anything during events. The dinner was okay, honestly I went because I wanted to support a good friend who directed the dinner, as well as my need to be staged to get my certificate as Dogathon 2013 co-director.

Well in 2016, we pretty much did the same thing like previous years do; the speeches, the performances, overpriced food.

But the point was to celebrate with our own batch's perseverance in hitting the 5th year. Man it was a long ride from the first, and it wasn't easy to stay on board and not sink throughout the crazy curriculum

A little surprise this year, for I became too much of a showoff, I got myself the Best Dressed Male among the participants. It's an honor, provided I did not slip or drop any of my yukata pieces along the way to get the little plastic trophy.

All and all, it was a great night with extremely good company. The only pity was my current batch turn up population was, 0. A big fat ZERO.

Even my lecturer asked if my current batch boycotted my original batch together.

I don't know. Honestly. The only answer they had was, test is coming up.
one of my favorite pictures. Why? Because you have crazy lecturers like them makes vet life awesome.

But hey, I turned up.


  1. OMG I love watching you dance to Under The Sea, with that lift in the end haha! Brilliant :P

    1. That was when I had my prime body hahahah. We won our cheerleading score today in Vetsport as well!

  2. Nice yukata. Too bad the umbrella was not the right type.