Saturday, June 4, 2016

Auscultating: Majlis Silaturahim 2016

If you don't know already or new to this blog, Majlis Silaturahim(MS) is  annual drama competition held by our faculty to initiate and instill skills apart from that of veterinary related to the students. In fact, it was initiated by one of the retired lecturer long time ago, for which the wining cup was named as Ali Rajion Cup after his name.

So our faculty literally drilled us all to excel not just in studies, skills, even in sports, managing of events heck and even drama skills.

This year, the theme was Bollywood. While originally we were all skeptical with the theme, but the organizers did a great job; from the trailers to the setting up of the background in the auditorium.

It was exceptionally hard for us the DVM 5 because we had to write up scripts, get outfits, create props, practicing and perfecting the whole performance while being in the final semester with our intensive rotation course. But we all do enjoy these out of the classroom get together sessions anyway so it was just another reason for us to spend more time before we, or actually they graduate.

While my preview snippet suggested me to be the milkman, but I was just a villager lurking around to dance and act as an extra; which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Here are few snippets of what other DVMs have had:

A little out of the norm from previous year, this time round we had our lecturers sportingly sang on the stage with very fun performance as well! It's definitely something different from the clinical department which all students would appreciate!

A common trend within the lower DVMs was the element of cross-dressing. While our DVM have too tried it in our lower DVMs, we have only used it during first year; while we progressively trying to incorporate everything else apart from cross-dressing in the subsequent years.

My academic batch definitely have put out a different kind of approach; putting Titani and Bollywood elements in their performance; with the title Titanus(any biological science background people would get the joke!)

Our DVM's performance came in as the last one in line to perform, with a high load of pressure because everyone had a high expectation from us; the consecutive winner for 2 years. With our reputation from cheerleading, we really couldn't imagine the type of expectation the audience have.

We have our stressful moments, but generally we just try to have fun on stage; trying to get into our characters and put more smiles on our dances.

The highlight of our performance is probably our snake genie who have managed to impressively grossed out everyone in the auditorium. His twists, twerks or whatever body language definitely have increased the odds of us winning.

Thankfully, we managed to nab the Ali Rajion cup one last time before we graduate; successfully being the first DVM is striking the champion for 3 consecutive years. I would say we really worked hard, because throwing performance and creating jokes for an audience are our forte; and MS is one of the few events we know we have the best chances to win. 

I'm really happy I did participate in the last MS with DVM 2016. It was a relief that my small animal ward rotation only have started a week after MS so I could have more time and energy for the practice. All in all, the event was a success and it's definitely a great memory in my DVM life!

PS: Here's something to look at if you wanna see how good our tech team is!

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