Thursday, September 24, 2015

Buffetting : Little Updates

Life has been extremely fulfilling for me;

1- I'm stepping into clinical years, for which things now begin to get serious. I need to know things about medicine very comprehensively from A-Z like history taking, knowing clinical signs, coming up with differentials, confirming diagnosis, eliminating possible differentials, assessing the condition, as well as treatment. It's a long step, but I digg this a lot

2- N and I are back into the bandwagon. It's more like being attached rather than a relationship now. But I'm telling myself to keep my options. At one point I almost resorted to apps, only realizing I should delete them because its really pointless. My aim is to get good grades now.

3- Rotations now begin in clinical practice, for which I will enter different departments in the faculty including small animal surgery, ward, ICU and emergency care, labs, large animal wards including ruminants and equine wards. I enjoyed a lot working with large animals, despite the risk of getting fractures and summersaults like some of the juniors have gotten; maybe I really do enjoy working in the wards! I'm definitely tired because I'm staying so far from the university, waking up every day at 6.15 am to attend to patients at 7am is no joke; its very tiring throughout the day. But I like it. Things should change once I move in.

4- I'm moving out from my parent's into my own place soon. I'm lucky enough to have the house under my dad AND my name; making it an official house for me. It's a lot of responsibility, despite the fact that my parents are the ones investing the money in it. It definitely means my parents do love me a lot, and I need to work harder so their investments actually do make sense.

5- I will need to pay a lot more attention to my grades now. The first 3 weeks have been slow and I am lack of adrenaline. But I managed to do some serious revision today with surgery; hopefully my weekends will get me more adrenaline to complete my studies on my tests next week. Oh yes, I'm having tests already soon.

6- Japan will be my current target for post-graduate studies. I'm looking forward to an exciting PhD title, probably I should start with my Final Year Project as I will need to get a supervisor soon.

Things are moving pretty quickly once I've stepped into clinical years. It's a lot to digest, but damn I missed this adrenaline.

PS: I'm typing this 1 minute before it hits 1am. I need to wake up at 6.15am tomorrow. I shall survive.

PPS: Weight management have been an issue. I need to get into a serious healthier lifestyle


  1. What weight issues? You look good with big size and you won't look fat coz you are tall ma. Baru lah ada ciri-ciri kelelakian sejati ma. :p

    1. But its already causing some health issues which I don't want to prolong till it becomes a problem when I'm older; so yea

  2. get a good shoe and run...sprint training helps to burn those extra body fat faster...

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