Monday, September 14, 2015

Buffetting : Getting Real

It has been a while hasn't it?

A few updates:

1- Japan has been great. I wouldn't miss it because I'm definitely going back
2- I wanted to call off with N. But N wants to go for a second go. Should I bother?
3- Year 4 kicked in hard. For the first half of the semester I will be zombified because of all the rotation in small animal clinic, ward and surgery. I should survive.

4- I've decided to pursue internal medicine in companion animals for now, until I find a way to apply it in wildlife medicine
5- I've also decided which lecturer to go to for my Final Year Project. I was a little afraid to go to the lecturer before because she is pretty prominent and I wasn't sure if she would be open to the idea. However, the recent email I got opened up some doors, and I'm probably sticking to this one.

Life has been good so far.  I'm moving into my new house soon, and I can't imagine living alone in a house myself yet. But, I have to say I'm a pretty lucky boy.

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