Thursday, October 8, 2015

Buffetting : Make over

In a month's time, I'll probably give the blog a make over. It has been a good 3 years with the current layout, and it is really about time for a makeover to embark.

Throughout the 3 years, plenty have happened and numerous memories were made and noted here.

To my surprise, this blog, without going private have served multiple individuals as a guide, a spark or an inspiration in life; some of them even became my vet juniors while some thrive into different paths in their lives.

The blog began as a diary, evolved into somewhat veterinary related space, and some bits and pieces of my travelling experiences.

I'll be extra busy beginning DVM 4, with several rotations and daily 7am to 10pm schedule; on top of lectures, assignments and tests; the blog is really the last thing I have time for.

Tonight has been a little light, but I still do have an important presentation to prepare.

Wanna have a good read up on what is it?

PS: It's a Hernia, and the current title has been changed to the Left Comminuted Femoral Fracture with diaphragmatic hernia in a DSH cat.


  1. Heya. Just thought I'd let you know, I changed my blog address. Do update your list :D

    And good luck!!

    1. yea... it would be hard if I have no idea what the address is girl!

    2. it's in the profile mah. click there then can find out d what.
      but anyway here it is :