Monday, February 9, 2015

Buffetting : Anxiety

I think Thailand was so much easier compared to Japan because of the whole demographic background and the proximity back home; not to mention accessibility since the range of currency utility is still predictable.

Kyoto, is just in 6 days' time and boy am I anxious about this trip.

Anxious because I feel like there are more to be researched and prepare for this trip.

The fact that:
soon I will have pictures with my own watermark!

1- It is winter.
2- I'm going alone.
3- I'm on cash, maybe credit card just for my parent's Burberry
4- The time constraint.
5- There's too much to go around

just builds the anxiety to the top.

My host suggested for me to blast my way in Uniqlo Japan instead for my winter wear so I would know what I should be getting; its a good idea because its pretty near and I would figure what would suffice.

What's bad is I wouldn't know what to be worn in my flight to Japan.

Let's hope my Japanese friend who is sleeping over knows what to get before I fly.


  1. Can action already lah go Japan at such a young age. LOL...anyway, so excited for you. Wheeee!!! Can't wait for your pics and blog about it. Eh, please take nice clear pics, kay? Haha...

    1. What's that supposed to mean??ZZZZZ A lot people of evven younger age already went long before me okay!

      What since when my pictures are not clear?!!!

    2. I don't know those younger age people ma. I know you ma. So of course envy you lor. Hahaha... as for the pics, it's not easy to take clear pics during winter with the cold temperature outside and maybe snows falling. Not saying you always take blur pics lah. Come come... sayang balik. LOL

    3. Pffftttt don't envy me! I don't know why the people envy me when there are so many other richer and better people to envy zzzzz

      Winter?!! I should then make sure my iphone will do the trick loooo... and a good ol lomo hahahaha..

      Yer, say ledi only wanna sayang balik; where got so easy one.

    4. Aww... hanna-hanna... treat you ice cream, kay? *pat pat your head :p

    5. Don't want ice cream lo fattening one....

  2. Yeah, go there light. That's what my Mum did on her trips to US and also China. She brought old clothes, ready to be thrown away and bought newer ones when she was there. That way, you save on luggage weight and also space. Take care buddy, shouldn't be that cold already, it should be towards the start of spring now, but still probably quite cold. Hope to hear from you soon pal.

    1. Old clothes then throw away to get new ones? Whoa that's super neat trick! But I wonder what kinda old clothes can I bring with all the summer-only clothes in my wardrobe! Its not like we have any winter season here!

      Haha it's in a few days, gosh there's so much to deal with right now!

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