Saturday, January 31, 2015

Buffetting : Language Mastery

Throughout the 2 weeks of small animal rotation in Healing Rooms, despite the fact that I should be impressing my attending veterinarians that I'm a competent veterinary student, I somehow manage to impress them with my language mastery instead.

As for Mandarin, there are Chinese PRC customers who are here as foreign students coming by our doorsteps for treatment. Being one of those who had the background, I became the interpreter.

As of English, an attending vet who was my senior before he graduated, too applauded my posts on various issues in the faculty group, stating that he'd wish he could write like me.

I am pretty flattered because its not easy to get applaud like that, let alone a working veterinarian in a professional practice.

I'm a Leo, I advance by applauds and accomplishment.

A simple gesture like they do in the clinic would at least allow me to know I'm working towards a right direction.

Unlike other places, which prefer spartan training and putting students down; even though it was for the betterment of the students.


  1. what else do u know? Tamil? lol

    1. Weird! That's the only mother tongue of the largest 3 nationalities in Malaysia I didn't want or bother to learn. Maybe I should put it in my list. Others include:
      - mandarin and several dialects
      - malay
      - japanese
      - thai
      - minute level of german.

    2. Tempus: You WIN liao lor. Know so many languages. Patutlah kembang bulu singa ni. Hehehe... But on a serious note, knowing more foreign languages is indeed an advantage especially when you deal with people from different countries or when you're abroad. Kudos on your compliments from your senior and the vets.

    3. What worrrrrrr LIKE you don't know a lot of languages as well only...

      But I'm seriously considering French in the list because a renowned pharmaceutical company is French based. But I wanna get my hands on saxophone before that happens so I'd no longer delay that piece of interest.