Monday, January 19, 2015

Buffetting : Another Chance

Well, I sure hope that was with T. Dreams have been daunting lately.

Apart from various issues with the family and studies, T apparently became a huge chunk of it.

Maybe its the subconscious of mine, but probably its a way my body is trying to deal with the issue for me to move on, for good.

It is hard, I have no problems now to wipe those emotions off my mind; its just the constant remembrance that is bothering me a little.

Back to another chance; this is pretty Japanese-direct-translate of me.

Another lucky chance for me to land a spot in the upcoming WSAVA conference in Bangkok 2015! I kinda pitched myself a little in the email and it worked out pretty well. Let's hope I do get to learn a lot, aside from volunteering in the booth for WSAVA.

Adding that to the list, I'll be flying a lot in 2015!

February - Japan(OSAKA) for Vet Youth Summit Japan
May- Thailand(BANGKOK) for WSAVA Congress 2015
June- Thailand(BANGKOK) for Ruminant and Large Animal Rotation
August- Japan(YAMAGUCHI) for Laboratory Clinical Rotation

4 flights, 4 places, 4 purposes. Who knows, maybe in the new academic year in September onwards I will be having another few more other flights? But by then I should where should I spend my 15 weeks of additional practical time.

Updates on the previous week practical and current practical later!


  1. flying away every day. :P

    1. Where got everyday... every 2 months only XD

  2. Please pack me into your suitcase during your Japan trip. Thanks. :P

    1. And backpack with you in my bag around Japan? I'll be hulk-ified when I'm back here! Hahaha~ the pictures and mini-souvenirs will suffice!

  3. Fuh! Fly in, Fly out, Fly in, Fly out. Seronok nampaknya! Hehehe...

    1. Hopefully semua benda worth its time and investment la