Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Buffetting : Sri Lanka Experience 101- Palm Reading

During our visit to Ape Gama, a replica of traditional Sri Lankan village near the Parliament of Sri Lanka, we managed to meet a lady with the service of palm reading.

Originally only our host Stubby and her sister got the reading; but I've decided to give it go.

The lady spoke only in Singhala, but we were lucky to have Stubby's brother in law to get it translated.

Different from the Chinese guys on the left, girls on the right version, it was vice versa in Sri Lanka palm reading. Here are some of the details and what I think:

1- You have 4 lucky star lines on your right palm. This means that you will be rich in the future. Indeed, very rich. 
Stubby's mom commented that she should keep me around more since I will be rich. But still, its something really subjective right? I mean, future changes all the time

2- You will earn plenty of money, but you will spend them all too. Meaning, for 100 ringgit earn, you would spend 100 ringgit.
True that. Somehow my expenditure is pretty high every month; and I live off my parent's allowance only. What's gonna be when I started working? Heck, really how do I get rich if I spend all the money right?

3- You are an extremely fun person around your friend ; in contrast you are always uptight and hold high responsibility in your family.
Spot on. From my palm really? Everyone in the group knows how uptight I am around my family but I can go W-I-L-D with my friends. So I guess she guessed it right?

4- You have 3 siblings. 1 who is always bickering with you; yet 2 whom will be your aid in success in the future.
Hold it right there. My palm spells 3 siblings? Like serious shit. I mean, everyone can guess ANYTHING. But numbers are like, very large scale in difference don't ya think? Well, this reading is exceptionally true. I do have 3; and I bickered the most with my elder sis I guess? Since we are closer in year gap. 2 whom will aid me in my future... Hmm... Maybe its the younger siblings since my elder sister is now married?

5- Your wedded life will be extremely well. Your first love is close to impossible; but your second one will be the one lasting very long
My heart fell for like, 0.5 second; only to picked up right after that with the thought in my mind. Time to let T go once and for all. I mean, to trust an old Sri Lankan lady about the love of your life IS crazy, but its about time something comes whacking into my face to snap out of it. The girls who know said, its impossible so its time to let go. "When is the 2nd one coming ar???" Well girls, I'd wish I would know. But its not now for sure.

6- You will have plenty of friends. Wherever you go, you will make friends easily.
Seeing how I HAVE been making friends with people from various places, that was pretty true. I mean people would say the lady just wanna butter you up for more money and all; but well I don't mind having this trait AT ALL. Free accommodation and tour guides in every corner of the world? Hell yea.
7- You will live a long life of 75 years old.
Okay lets start counting down. I was thinking it is too long for me though LOL.

8- You will still be very lively when you are old. Extremely flirtatious even when you are old.
Like HELL-OOOOOO?!!! Why do I always get the comments on me being flirty anyways?! I'm not THAT promiscuous! Actually NOT AT ALL. I don't go to clubs; I don't go to bars; I barely know ANY pick up lines. Really, why am I always the flirty one?

9- My life will be smooth without any significant hardship.
Really? Oh dear and here I thought life could be better. Naah, it has been great. IF it would be great, that's something I would be totally fine with.

10- Health wouldn't be an issue.
Hmm, I am dealing with them NOW though. Define health issues. Cancer? Diabetes? High Blood Pressure?
Well, I can totally digg life without health problems!

11- Distance with family is great.
This was my last question, without the lady telling me. I asked how relationship would be between me and my family. Distant was the answer. I guess this is true because, I really tried making my family; or my parents to understand me; but they wouldn't. One can only try that hard right?

Bonus: No. of Child? Not available because I'm a man. I can like have millions of kids with my semen frozen in the sperm bank.

Stubby got a number of 2 while her sister got a number 4.

Numbers, really?

I would say the lady was 80% right. I would trust her though, because no. 3 and no. 4 totally freaked me out. I have never been to Sri Lanka nor have I had my palm read by someone else.

How much do you trust a palm reader?


  1. Ooo... look at the first pic. Your arms looks so meaty and juicy. Yummy! Wanna bite, can? Hehehe... Wow to that palm reader lady. She can even tell the number of siblings you have? That's just creepy, man! Wah! You'll be very rich, live until 75, no health issues, no hardships in life. Like that YOU WIN LIAO LOR!!!

    1. =.= you can your meat fiesta arh.....

      Creepy or not, live sounds good from her mouth! But really, 20% of difference is still a lot LOR.

      See how it goes la, live long enough to watch my life lo~

  2. I want to visit the palm reader!! :)
    Sexy first picture btw.

    1. Haha its in Ape Gama, Sri Lanka! The village replica is near the new Parliament building though.

      Thanks for the compliment hahaha, it prolly wouldn't look sexy in real life XD