Saturday, August 9, 2014

Buffetting : New Member

I think I did post about my sister getting married. But if I've not; here's the gist of it:

My sister is now married, someone else's wife; and someone else's in law; someone else's mother.

Yeap, an addition in our family, our next generation came catching us off guard:

Meet "Guailan"(fussy in Hokkien), my niece.

Apparently she looks like me when I was her age. So meaning she might look like me when she's a lady? Hmm, I wonder.

I would have made a damn hot chick with my face; but let's work harder into a Chris Pratt stud material in the near future.

Holding her successfully for the first time today without her being TOO "guailan" was fun. It's all about skills when it comes to handling; similar to handling small or exotic animals like rabbit or juvenile cats and dogs.

Sis and mom ought to be more trustful in me when it comes to handling.

I won't be around much for the next year, but I will still get her new toys to remind her of the vet uncle.


  1. omg u look so hot!

    1. It's the photoshop TRUST ME hahaha. And I was much better in figure then. Time to get back to a fitter me soon!

    2. but still. hot XD

    3. LOL. Prolly not your type XD

    4. who says? XD