Monday, November 30, 2009

Buffetting : Adults

You know at one point of your life the adults will start suspecting you or your siblings of watching the "5354" literally "不三不四"(nonsense or more towards 18sx) videos or pictures?

Well, I've been through it and sadly, I don't watch those kinda stuffs due to unnecessary stimulation or what-so-ever the super duper straight guys out there would have given as an excuse.

Anyway, you know what I found out?

I was sorting out some Internet problem for my uncle (who had children whose ages are larger than mine) and I accidentally clicked his "Recent file" in the Start menu.

I saw *russian-teen-sex-fuck*

From then onwards, I know how lonely and bored one man can be alone in town.

And how horny can adults, even our own parents be.

Well, its human nature I know.

But please, don't let us see that ok?

You were the ones asking us not to watch, by the end of the day you are only showing mere hypocritism.

Well, that was all i found out so far... Wonder if I could find condoms in my house?

Okay, there goes the fantasy talk.

SAT 1 here I come~

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