Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interesting week

The 2nd week of November 2008 was surely amazing... PLenty had happen both happy and sad...
SPM candidates congrats most of us has completed all the TERAS subjects other than moral studies and islamic studies... Bm was surprisingly easy especially the tatabahasa.... english is as normal duuh malaysian style... sejarah was ok but im quite confident for an A1 though... but who knows? Mathematics, i panicked quite a while... its the one subject i dont go tuition and im forever not in class until the prefect duties were down after July, but i double checked everything was fine an A1 hopefully......

That was the exam, now its life... STEVEN!!! My BABY!!!!! My goodness he was admitted SJMC!!!! He got the blood test but then again, the docs haven't found the cause of it yet... His condition wasn't that stable accodring to most sources... the peak was 39.7 degress.... 39.7!!!! Its lioke 0.3 more to denature all the enzymes in his body!!! People out there who care for Steven please pray for him!!!! How i wish im the doctor who is in charge of him now... Have to work hard to hold a stethoscope in SJMC in 8 years time~~~~ He was really bright when the whole gang of 15 people went to see him... but i felt that he was really forcing himself to talk just now.... really worried for him... my worry wort nature... well had a lot of fun in the room... he changed room though but if u really wanna see him, go to the concierge kz? Steven~~~ I misss your cockiness.... His voice was REALLY weak!!!!! Seeing him 2mr again~

Then before that, we had yi xian(Isaac)'s birthday party!!! WAs a surprise though haha he knew we gonna do sumthing but he didnt find out that it was today??? our whole gang's acting skilll can be nomianted in oscar's man~ We had pizza a really huge cake~~~~~~ Black forest~~~ Well that wasn't the fun part... te fun part was the conversation throughout the celebration~~~~~ Farts, cums and all sorts of nonsense... yeah thats us lar.... form 5s~ SPM stress lar so i dont mind... YUET YIN!!! U better learn how to CUT cake arh.... i had to cut all the way~~~~

And before that was preparation in Jer rEnn's house~ We bath over there and we talked a lot also.... and JR, im not as big as GAJAH ok? not even close to kerbau, gorilla maybe lar hehe.... Iman.... i will take ur ***** photos with my k800i and sell it to ur fan club sooner or later~~~~ Ur sexy BodAY~~~~~ hahaha... yuet took 10 whole minutes to undress herself inside the toilet... how amny layers can girl wer with baju kurung? i took max 10 minutes to speed bath!!! Iman ur hair was realy cute!!!!! ahhaha only me yuet n jr get to see~~~~~ others... until he bath with u guys next time lar... (no jia wei u get to see his hand's hairy only... not any other part of his body)
And i still cant stand jia wei's tenacious attidtude... first can i join, then i have my own way... c'mon u realy think we would reject to allow u to squeeze with us? other than the fact that u FArt when u eat???? we dont lar.... other than ur lagging laughs maybe.....

Thats what we had for today.... Well, i think we are the fun type since we can have a party in the middle of SPM~~~ but after this december... i wonder how are we going to continue our life? Withour seeing each toher~ ok i will save that for the Graduation post....... Again. quotes of the day,

Quotes of the day:
Yi xian: Thx guys... really appreaciated...
Jer Renn: Touch wood? Jia wei enough lar...
Saw: Hit my ass got pimples... juicy~(yuck~) Yuet: 3 of u come here!
Izwan: Jia wei can u not fart when having pizza arh? Iman: Ya see the vascodialtion....
Arief: I went to check steven's chart.. yea....
Peng Han: I went to see my doctor lar.. he need to check me Sai Cheong: Eh, you, do *this/that* for me....
Jeremy: Dey, give him a chance lar
Jocelyn: You hand mou gam dai lar...
Yong Bin: Omy goodness... can we not talk cum and pizza together?
Steven: Maths 98% lar... still A1
Stephanie: Eh, u ok ar?
Chirstina: I brought balls for you steve! Jolene: Eh remember to call Shaung ar!

Really cute picture of bday and his mate.... yi xian she is serious....

another one~ they look so cute together~

My sick baby steven~ get well sooon!!!!!

the bed didn't crash with me on it!!!!

17s watching some cartoon in the ward~

snaps of those came to visit steven~

Just to wrap the blog up, a candid~
(For slogans, base on your creativity and imagination)
I personally suggest, ~bored loose screwing~

Haha, 7 more subjects to go~ another pose 2mr!

Signing off,

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