Thursday, February 11, 2016

Auscultating : Back home

Taiwan was extremely fun, and plenty of adventures attained as well!

I didn't do any research for the whole trip this time round, because the 8 days of symposium plus 7 days of post-symposium traveling was all covered. All I needed was to pack and go.

There are quite a few number of Firsts this time round in Taiwan for me:

1- My first trip to Taiwan itself

2- My first International Veterinary Student Association (IVSA) Symposium

3- My first time meeting an European students dominated program

4- My first time bunking in with 7 other different boys
5- My first time falling sick in a foreign country(heck I was fine 2 months straight in Thailand and Japan)

6- My first time seeing a doctor in a foreign country
7- My first time drinking liquor from over 15 different countries and not getting drunk

8- My first time experiencing undying cold
9- My first time going around a whole country within 7 days in a bus

10- My first time experiencing earthquake
11- My first time extending my airplane ticket just to stay 2 more days
12- My first time sleeping at 3 am for 4 consecutive days

13- My first time trying so hard to squeeze sing-able Karaoke songs for Europeans in a Taiwan K-box
14- My first time being in a white shirt party.

Quite the crazy first times encountered in a foreign country isn't it?

But there are stuffs which are recurrent like,

Another Thai came in through the social media again. But I'm pretty sure this Thai is just trying luck in hitting random people, as people I know actually asked if I knew this person adding everyone else.

Despite numerous attempts, I'm glad this Thai stopped the game as of today.

CNY has been crazy, food and getting fat. I'm trying my best to control though.

On the other hand, I can't help to realize I've been getting a little close with a teacher figure. Maybe I'm over thinking and this figure is just being nice. But maybe it isn't.

Likewise, the date I had before slowly dwindled; probably because I'm showing a lack of interest. So and so when I talked about the date with some of my Taiwanese friends during a midnight sharing session it seemed to me like now its just not the right time for me to date, or think about long term.

So, the Thai, the figure, the date.

No no no, Japan and PhD come first.

I'll post official posts about Taiwan soon.

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